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U.F.Os and Vimanas

O Rama of unequaled prowess,
This aerial car shining like the sun, 
Moves as one pleases, wonderful and excellent;
This Pushpak of Kuber, robbed by Ravan in battle,
Is retained here for your sake;
The yonder aerial car, looking like a cloud, 
Stands here and by which transport, 
You can reach Ayodhya without any trouble.
May prosperity attend you! 

- Valmiki Ramayan [6.121.9-11]

The above verse describes the Pushpak Vimaan, perhaps the most famous airship mentioned in the ancient Hindu literature. Many Sanskrit epics contain references to such flying machines called the Vimaans/Vimanas. These Vimaans were said to be able to travel into space between different planets and were used by various denizens of the higher Lokas. In this post, we shall analyze the evidence in favor of such flying machines being available to the ancients and their similarities to the modern aircrafts.

Vimaans in literature

There are many descriptions of flying machines that broadly fall into two categories: 

(1) Manmade aircrafts that resemble our modern airplanes, and 
(2) Alien structures that are generally built by either the architects of Devas or Asurs and resemble the modern perception of UFOs. 

The FIRST of this category are described mainly in medieval Sanskrit literature dealing with architecture, siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances. Those in the SECOND category are described in ancient works such as the Rig Veda, the Mahabharat, Ramayan, and various Puraans, and have many features reminiscent of UFOs.

We will deal with the second category first as their references are more in number, and seem to be more authentic as well. Perhaps everyone who knows anything about Hinduism, or has heard/read the Ramayan, would know about Pushpak Vimaan, the aircraft which belonged to Ravan, the king of Lanka. 

The Pushpak Vimaan

Pushpak was originally designed by Vishwakarma, the architect cum engineer of the gods, for Kuber, the lord-of-wealth. But  it was usurped by his half-brother, Ravan along with the island city of Lanka. There are various passages in the Ramayan that talk about the wonderful qualities of this aerial vehicle:

कांचनम् रथम् आस्थाय कामगम् रत्न भूषितम् |
पिशाच वदनैः युक्तम् खरैः कनक भूषणैः || ३-३५-६
मेघ प्रतिम नादेन स तेन धनद अनुजः |
राक्षसाधिपतिः श्रीमान् ययौ नद नदी पतिम् || ३-३५-७

That chariot which is decorated with golden ornaments, yoked with monster-faced mules that have gem studded trappings is ride-able by the wish of the rider, and sitting in such a chariot which is wholly golden and which rides with a sound like the pealing of thunder, that celebrated Ravan, the brother of Kuber and the lord of demons, traveled towards the lord of rivers and rivulets, namely the ocean.

So, the Pushpak was an aerial vehicle, navigable by thought, shimmering like the Sun, with a thunderous noise and could travel anywhere across the globe. Sounds like a cross between a UFO and one of our modern supersonic planes!

An alleged UFO sighting in Mexico

The special characteristic of this vehicle seems to be that whatever may be the number of people sitting inside the plane, there would always be one seat vacant! In other words, if N number of people want to board the plane, there would still be (N+1) seats available. This prodigious capacity is mentioned to in the following verses:

प्रियाअत्प्रियतरं लब्धं यदहं ससुहृज्जनः || ६-१२२-२२
सर्वैर्भवद्भिः सहितः प्रीतिं लप्स्ये पुरीं गतः |

Shri Raam said - Something more dearer than everything dear will be achieved by me, if I reach Ayodhya with the host of my friends along with all of you, for, I shall feel delighted.

This is when Vibhishan, the brother of Ravan and the newly crowned king of Lanka tells the Lord, that the aircraft can carry as many people as the Lord would want to accomodate!

ततह् स पुष्पकं दिव्यं सुग्रीवः सह वानरैः || ६-१२२-२४
आरुरोह मुदा युक्तः समात्यश्च विभीषणः |

Thereupon, that Sugreeva along with the monkeys gladly ascended that wonderful Pushpaka, the aerial car. Vibhishan together with his counselors also ascended it.

तेष्वारूढेषु सर्वेषु कौबेरम् परमासनम् || ६-१२२-२५
राघवेणाभ्यनुज्ञातमुत्पपात विहायसम् |

When all of them ascended, that excellent aerial car, belonging to Kuber, flew into the sky, after having been duly authorized by Rama.

 Pushpak Vimaan - Pahari miniature painting

खगतेन मिवानेन हंसयुक्तेन भास्वता || ६-१२२-२६
प्रहृष्टश्चप्रतीतश्च बभौ रामः कुबेरवत् |

Feeling greatly rejoiced and satisfied while travelling in that splendid aerial car, which was now in the air and was provided with the image of a swan, Rama shone like Kuber.

ते सर्वे वानरर्क्षश्च राक्षसाश्च महाबलाः || ६-१२२-२७
यथासुखमसंबाधं दिव्ये तस्मिन्नुपाविशन् |

All those mighty Vanars, bears and demons sat comfortably and spaciously in that wonderful aerial car.

Another such description is found in the Ayodhya Kand [XVI, pp. 235-236]-

The splendid chariot, made of silver, and bright like the fire itself, making a noise like the roaring of the clouds; defying all obstacles, adorned with jewels and gold, dazzling to the eyesight and bright, went speedily on, making space resound like unto the muttering cloud in the sky. He issued out of his abode like the beautiful moon passing through a huge cloud.

As mentioned in the post {Rama - The Historical Perspective}, in Sri Lanka, the Pushpak Viman is referred to as the Dhandu Monara or the Flying-Peacock and even today there exists a place called Weragantota in Lanka whose name implies 'The-Landing-Place-of-Aircraft'!! Not far from there is another place called Gurulupotha (parts-of-birds) where he is supposed to have the aircraft-repair center! 

One of the 6 airports of Ravan - Weragantota

This implies that it is more than likely that the Pushpak Vimaan DID actually exist and was perhaps the last aircraft of its kind before the advent of our so called modern age.

Other References to Vimaans

The Pushpak is not the only aircraft mentioned in so much detail. The Mahabharat mentions such celestial crafts in many passages as well!

During his quest for celestial weapons before the Mahabharat War, Arjun was invited by Indra to spend some time in Amravati. Indra's charioteer Matali came to pick him up and this is how the description goes:

And on this sunlike, divine, wonderful chariot the wise disciple of Kuru flew joyously upward. When becoming invisible to the mortals who walk the earth, he saw wondrous airborne chariots by the thousands.

And the celebrated Arjun, having passed through successive regions of the heavens, at last beheld the city of Indra. And there he beheld celestial cars by thousands stationed in their respective places and capable of going everywhere at will, and he saw tens of thousands of such cars moving in every direction!

- Mahabharat Indralokgamana Parv

While in heaven, Arjun helped Indra curb the Asur menace and assisted his father in a few battles:

When the Daityas were being slaughtered they again took to their vimana and, employing the Danava science, flew up into the sky . . . I (Arjuna) assaulted their vimana . . . Wounded by the flight of deadly-accurate iron missiles, the Asura vimana fell broken to the earth . . . Matali swiftly descended earthward, as in a steep dive, on our divinely effulgent car.

Deva-Asur celestial war

Again, in the Swargaohan Parv, when Indra's spacecraft comes to pick up Yudhhishthir, this is the description given:

Then Dharma and Indra and the other deities, causing Yudhishthira to ascend on a car, went to the celestial region. Those beings capable of going everywhere at will, rode their respective aerial cars. King Yudhishthira, riding on his car, ascended quickly, causing the entire sky to blaze with his effulgence.

If these passages do not talk about aircrafts or space-ships, what do else do they refer to??
Further support for the Vimaans comes from the Puraans like Shrimad Bhagvat Puraan. There is an entire battle that rages at the port city of Dwarka which is caused by a disgruntled king called Salva and his out-of-the-world airplane:

Lord Siva said, "So be it." On his order, Maya Danava, who conquers his enemies' cities, constructed a flying iron city named Saubha and presented it to Salva.
[SB 10.76.7]

This unassailable vehicle was filled with darkness and could go anywhere. Upon obtaining it, Salva went to Dvaraka, remembering the Vrishnis' enmity toward him.
[SB 10.76.8]

At one moment the magic airship built by Maya appeared in many identical forms, and the next moment it was again only one. Sometimes it was visible, and sometimes not. Thus Salva's opponents could never be sure where it was.
[SB 10.76.21]

From one moment to the next the Saubha airship appeared on the earth, in the sky, on a mountain peak or in the water. Like a whirling, flaming baton, it never remained in any one place.
[SB 10.76.22]

There are other such passages too concerning other characters from the Puranic history:

Having spoken thus, Maharaja Nriga circumambulated Lord Krishna and touched his crown to the Lord's feet. Granted permission to depart, King Nriga then boarded a wonderful celestial airplane as all the people present looked on.
[SB 10.64.30]

As soon as the symptoms of his liberation were manifest, he saw a very beautiful airplane coming down from the sky, as if the brilliant full moon were coming down, illuminating all the ten directions.
[SB 4.12.19]

A spacecraft Out-of-this World

Dear King Dhruv, neither your forefathers nor anyone else before you ever achieved such a transcendental planet. The planet known as Vishnuloka, where Lord Vishnu personally resides, is the highest of all. It is worshipable by the inhabitants of all other planets within the universe. Please come with us and live there eternally.

O immortal one, this unique airplane has been sent by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is worshiped by selected prayers and who is the chief of all living entities. You are quite worthy to board such a plane.

It may be difficult for us to believe that such technology existed in those ancient times because we have been conditioned to believe that modern time is the 'Golden age of science'. But, what if our ancients were more advanced than us?? 

Were the ancients more advanced?

The natural question that comes up is that if this were so, where did all that technology vanish? My guess would be that the Mahabharat War was NUCLEAR in nature and the use of all those divine Astras (aka Nuclear weapons) led to the decimation of not only a large portion of the world population but also the technology and civilizational progress that mankind had achieved till then.

Imagine if such a war breaks out today, what would be the condition of humanity in the decades to come? Granted that unlike pre-historic times, humans now exist at all possible latitudes on the planet, it might not lead to a complete loss of development but the scientists at the cutting edge of technology, living and working in the US or Europe or China would suffer a great loss. 

The people remaining behind would remember the 'supersonic planes' and 'patriot missiles' and 'submarine rocket launchers' but may not necessarily have the technology to build them! And to someone from a future generation, these technological advances would then seem like fables; stories passed down from one generation to another, just as the Pushpak Vimaan or the Divine Astras seem to us now!

One such criticism of the Vimaans is that they were said to be drawn through the sky by “celestial steeds” (whether horses, swans, asses, or elephants). But the answer to that lies in this sentence from a Sanskrit text called Samarangana Sutradhara which states quite unequivocally - 'Manufacturing details of these machines are withheld for the sake of secrecy, not out of ignorance!'

Probably, the propulsion units were deliberately constructed to resemble these animals! This particular book is an encyclopedic work on classical Indian architecture (Vastu Shastra) written by Raja Bhoj of Dhar (1000-1055 AD). In 83 chapters, he covers subjects ranging from town planning, house architecture, temple architecture, sculptural arts, painting, and a chapter on the art of mechanical contrivances, called the YANTRAS.

The  chapter on yantras is most intriguing as its verses 95-100 mention bird-shaped aerial cars (Vimanas), and verses 101-107 mention a sort of robots acting as guards!! It contains 230 stanzas that are devoted to flight. It describes in detail, every possible aspect of flying. 

Sample some excerpts -

'The aircraft which can go by its own force like a bird - on the earth or water or through the air - is called a Vimana. That which can travel in the sky from place to place is called a Vimana by the sage of old.'

'The body must be strong and durable and built of a light wood [Lagha-daru], shaped like a bird in flight with wings outstretched [mahavinhanga]. Within it must be placed the mercury engine, with its heating apparatus made of iron underneath'.

'The iron engine must have properly welded joints to be filled with mercury, and when the fire is conducted to the upper parts, it develops power with the roar of a lion. By means of the energy latent in mercury, the driving whirlwind is set in motion, and the traveler sitting inside the Vimana may travel in the air, to such a distance as to look like a pearl in the sky'.
Either this guy was the precursor of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells or what he wrote did make some sense even in those times! It may be that the book was not actually written by the king himself but was compiled by the experts from each discipline and given his name as a show of courtesy. Even so, the person who wrote about the aircrafts would at the least have had a very fertile imagination!!

Another popular book for the study of Vimaans is the Vyamanika/Vaimanika Shastra. It is an early 20th century Sanskrit text about the science involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of fly-able machines and flying them. 

The text was translated in 1952 by G. R. Josyer, according to whom it's credit goes to Pandit Subbaraya Shastry, who dictated it in 1918-1923. It has 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters and under the direction of Pandit Shastry, illustrations were drawn for Vaimanika Shastra by a certain T. K. Ellapa. 

 Illustrations based on Vaimanika Shastra

The text was then published in Hindi in 1959 and then in 1973 into English by G.R. Josyer while Ellappa’s illustrations were added only in the 1973 edition and were not included in 1959 publication. Here is a list of some topics shared in the Vaimanika Shastra:
  • secrets for the construction of airplanes, how to avoid break them, cut them, set them on fire and destroy them;
  • secret to immobilize the airplane;
  • secret cloaking technology for the airplane;
  • secret to ascertain the direction of an aircraft approaching enemy;
  • secret of destroying enemy planes.
There are many websites and blogs dealing with this particular treatise and you can find plenty of details about the same quite easily. What you may not find is the mention of the FIRST INDIAN MAN to create an unmanned aircraft based on this book, and the recording of this event 8 years before the Wright brothers!

The man, Shivkar Bāpuji Talpade, was a friend and disciple of Pandit Subbaraya Shastry and is believed to have constructed and flown India's first unmanned airplane in the year 1895 to a height of 1500 feet based on the principles in the Vaimanika Shastra!

Talpade's airplane was named Marutsakhā, literally, 'Friend-of-the-air' and the machine flew upto a certain height before crashing down at Chowpatty. Lack of funds halted further research into the improvement of this machine by Talpade but its fateful flight was recorded by Kesari, the newspaper run by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak in 1895!

One of Talpade’s students, P. Satwelkar, is believed to have recorded that the unmanned plane flew a few minutes and then crashed. The veracity of these claims is difficult to prove today but since the event was witnessed by none less than a Maharaja (of Baroda), the issue remains inconclusive at best.

A London Times article discussing the issue

More than these relatively recent developments however, my focus is on the ancient texts such as the ones shared earlier for they corroborate what we have already discussed and reasonably concluded in an older post titled {Lokas or Planets of Advanced Aliens}.

Could the multi-limbed gods and goddesses with super-human abilities, space-crafts and atomic weaponry, actually be ALIENS with a keen interest in our world? If that were true, the existence of this technology at a time when human science was not that advanced would make sense. 

Another aspect that would be covered is the mention of Maya Danav as the designer and manufacturer of these planes since the Danavs are supposed to live on the planetary system called Bila-swarga which is even more advanced than the Swarga of Indra.

Whether we consider them advanced aliens or demi-gods, these beings are far superior to us in scientific as well as spiritual pursuits and the goal of sharing this knowledge is to follow the path of Gyaan-yoga and detach oneself from attachment to this mortal body and its entrapments.

All planets, star-systems, nebulae, galaxies, black-holes, universes, multiverse etc. are nothing but emanations from Shri Hari Vishnu. Eternity manifests itself in endless ways and Arjun got a rare glimpse of this vision in the Virat Roop of Lord Krishna at Kurukshetra when he witnessed the entire 14 planetary dimensions composed of numerous Suns, Moons, Planets and Galaxies from Past, Present as well as the Future encompassed in the body of the Lord

The Supreme Lord's Virat Swaroop
 Zillions of Universes emerging from Lord Maha-Vishnu's body pores

I conclude this post remembering the same Virat Roop of the Supreme Lord and joining hands in supplication for deliverance from this never-ending cycle of Birth and Death.

Isvarah paramah krishna sac-cid-anand vigrahah
anadir aaadir govindah sarva kaaran kaaranam    . Aum Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: .


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  25. do read political history of ancient india by raichoudhury 1923..a professor of culcutta university..u will love it..its an authentic source and very reliable.around 1000 pages i guess...but still u will love it..and also wiki...invention of wheel-4th millenia..arrival in india-3rd millenia...but this guy is great..he referred to mahabharata ramayana in historical context and very convincing....i hope u will reply me...and will not ignore just because i m giving a counterview..will be waiting for ur reply and ur take on all this...!!!!

    1. Haha the counter-view doesn't bother me bro coz that is the ONLY view that has been banded about since forever.. the blog is not for those who want to close their minds and stick to what the old-timers have to say but for those who look at all the evidence with a fresh open mind and do not hesitate to question what people of a century ago concluded!

  26. u didnt publish my other comments.where i was detailing some evidences..aneway..there is a direct statement in puranas itself that there is 1015 years gap between accession of mahapadma nanda and parikshit!!!..nanda was a historic king as real as ashoka..of 380b.c..going by puranas itself parikshit cant be older than 1300 b.c...the same puranas also mention that 26 generations of kings have passed between adhisimakrishna and mahapadma nanda...the names and lineage of this kings have been mentioned in puranas brahmanas upnashids...26 kings and 10 dynasties from the rule of parikshit to nanda have been clearly mentioned..though i agree it is not clear for how much time each king ruled...mahabharata says parikshit ruled for 64 years..if each king ruled for 25-30 years then ot comes to around timeline is surely there..none of the kings were this way 26 kings and 10 dynasties directly upto the nanda have been mentioned in various puranas..ucan see for urself timeline is surely there...vedas dsnt attach any kind of divinity. to janamejaya parikshit..they only and only say that they were great kings..but mahabharata which is considered to be smriti". ..and thus later...attaches divinity to them..who is lying here??...ramma krishna ganesha durga laxmi. are not mentioned in vedas why?? mentions only indra vayu agni...even vishnu is actually mentioned as the younger brother of indra!!..who HELPS him in killing VIRITRA...and drinks soma with him!!!...indra has been given the utmost best vishnu is only equal to him!!!...but in upnashids indra becomes a demigod and vishnu is givemn utmost importance why??...rudra or shiva fimds a mention in vedas...but most probably he was equivalent to agni...indra was still the most imp..most rituals hymns were on him...ddont u think later puranas brhamanas actually invented and added new things. to vedas??....vedas being the shruti cudnt be changed...but smriti cud be changed sages cud add imaginative new things.thats y parikshit suddenly becomes magical!!...vishnu becomes strong also has avataras...dsnt drink soma with indra..actuallly indra becomes a arrogant demi god..most importantly carbon dating of painted grey wares and other things..they date back to 950b.c!!! AND EXACTLY MATCH WITH THAT OF SITES. MENTIONED IN MAHABHARATA... civilisation was present in these. places mentioned in mahabharata only during this period..but not before. 1300 bc...sites of civilastion changed before and after this period..for example nachuska. changed capital from hastinapur to kosambi... and cprelating to this..there is clear archeological evidence. that civilasation ceased to exist during 750b.c at the site of hastinapur..there was a gap of a century before a new but different civilastion started there was a change of sites of civilastion with ttime.but at a particular time period sites of civilasation matched exactly with that of places mentioned in mahabharata!!!!!!.... and that time period has been estimated by carbon dating....what more evidence do u require???...cvlsation in hastinapur ended due to attack of locusts or floods as mentioned in puranas thus nachuska changed capital also became weak...while janaka kingdom rose...not clear wether this guy is the fazher of sita..but keykeyi kingdom was also present at this time.puranas mention them. parvati divinity them!??..who is lying here??

    1. Your readings are conveniently timed to match your belief my friend and the evidence you are giving is from the very Puranas you later claim to disbelieve! You yourself said there is no mention of how many years each king ruled but still you take the time-frame that suits you.. if the random figure of 25 years is increased to even 50 the timelines goes back automatically. Also, historical records such as by the Greek Megasthenes who was present in India at the time of Alexander's general Seleucus clearly give more than a 100 generations between Chandragupte Maurya and Krishna and even if you put your conservative estimate of 25 years here it easily takes us back to 3300 BCE

      Second point plz read vedas on your own instead of relying on the centuries old commentaries of Britishers and Indians with a colonial mindset.. All these gods are very much mentioned in Vedas though I agree they talk more about the demigods like Indra probably because these demigods were more influential in their daily lives than the Holy Trinity.. Also Vishnu UNDOUBTEDLY IS Indra's younger brother in the form of VAMAN Avatar as he was born to Aditi and Kashyap and is also included in the list of Adityas so there is NO contradiction there since it i Vishnu's incarnation that is called Indra's younger brother NOT Lord Vishnu Himself. When you don't have complete knowledge of the scriptures you are bound to misinterpret things just as earlier historians used to justify Aryan Invasion just because Indra is called Purandara - the destroyer of forts. These forts are the 99 forts of Vritra he destroyed but very conveniently they were portrayed as the Indus Valley cities and it stuck even though Indus-Saraswati cities haven't shown any balustrades and high walls that forts are associated with..

      Third, the fact that the site of archaeological civilization matched that of the literary texts just proves that civilization CONTINUED there till that time and DOES NOT in any way PROVE that a particular king lived there at that given time yet you keep pushing it as if it is some definite proof!

      One can only reason with someone who has an open mind not someone living in 99 fortresses of doubt and disbelief.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. plz edit out last line...but vineet i do appreciate ur work...and found it delightful and interesting to read....u hv ur own belief and i have mine...its possible that u r wrong..its possible that i m wrong...its also possible that v both r wrong!!!!!!

    1. Anything is possible but one should not hold on to a fixed belief and if u r really interested in knowing the dates try to stay updated about the latest developments happening in this field.

  28. Hi Vineet, I am new to your blog. It is very very extensively researched and well written indeed! Am now following your blog for more awesome articles. Hindu mythology and science behind it has fascinated me forever.
    I too have a blog and currently on my blog I am in the process of writing a series on the evolution of beauty across the world...from the Neolithic era to our times.
    I'll be honored if you check it out and join my blog as a reader! Here's the link.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Pallavi :)
      I shall check it out for sure!

    2. @Dr. Vineet Aggarwaland Others
      Would You and Other guys like to take part in this Great Discussion?
      Good Day.

  29. You are doing the same work that i wanted to do ! But i wanna make all those vimanas in real may be i will need u in future. So few people are there who really believe all this but finally got one who is like me !!! Gud

    1. I do believe in these and I wish you all the best in your endeavor :)

  30. Proud to be indian!!!
    Plz dont stop writting ,,,
    Grt work!

  31. Hi! Just saw that you are soon releasing a book on Vishwamitra! Any clues on what sort of book it is?

    P.S. And if you don't mind, could you tell when is your next blog update? :)

    1. Hi Surya, just uploading some details about the book check it out :)
      Next blog post shall come once this madness is over!

  32. Good job Dr. Vineet!! Im really interested in this kind of topics and my search for this always whenever surfing net!! Really eager to know the histories n mysterious informations!! Thanks for the informations!! :D

  33. Bro ur awesome!!!! I love reading ur blog....I also ordered ur book waiting to read it!!!! All the best for ur future and may god bless u :)

  34. Replies
    1. Hi there.. its available at all major bookstores as well as online through Amazon and Flipkart - you just need to search for Vishwamitra in books section.. i have also shared the links on this blog in the post on my book

    2. I am buying it. Thanks, I am spiritual reader but every time I want to go deeper in any line, they will say something absurd & foolish or something they can't make me understood, I got me out of there. After lots of research in many areas, as much as I can, now l am reading some Osho books, at least It don't say absurd things. Will you refer me anything better to read to know the whole time & space exists, how & why ? That's all my search.

    3. I think the most scientific book i have found to be is the Srimad Bhagvat Puraan especially the translation by Swami Prabhupada.. you should check that out but you would need to keep an open mind since it has been translated by a gentleman in his seventies so his personal opinions also come into the picture..

  35. aah ! mujhe bahut dukh ho raha hai ki mujhe angreji nahi aati. kash ye gyan dhyan ki baatein hindi me hoti .
    vaise vineet bhai apko ( yadi aap samajh pa rahen hon to) bahut bahut dhanyavad hindu dharm ke pauranik itihaas aur tatkaalin shastron ki vaigyanik vyakhya ke liye. ye alag baat hai ki mere palle kuchh bhi nahi pada .saath hi bhai sandeep ko jinhone ati saargarbhit tippadi kee hai.
    hindu dharm ke dharmik akhyano me varnit divyashtron ki vaigynik vykhya tatha unka samay nirdharan adi ki baaten aap hindi me uplabdh kara sakein to mere jaise jigyasu logon ka bhala hi hoga . dhanyawad !

    1. Namaste Mr. Sambhav.. of course main samajh sakta hu aapne jo likha hai aur isi kaaran maine blog mein upar right corner mein google ka translation ka button diya hai.. uske through aap poora blog hindi mein padh sakte hain.. try kar k mujhe bataega :)

  36. I chanced upon this blog while searching for Lokas. I have gone through most of this site and got thoroughly enlightened in the process. Thank you Dr. Vineet Aggarwal for enrighing my knowledge

  37. I have started reading your blog recently and it seems very much knowledgeable. Please keep writing more. waiting for your next post. Just bought your book "vishwamithra". will update my feedback once read

  38. Dr.Vineet Aggarwal, Wonderful research indeed! My humble appreciations. Please keep up the good work. I think history needs people like you to demonstrate what is truth to people who are biased by false beliefs.
    I wish to reiterate what was mentioned by another commentator here. For example, there are many materials used to prepare the fuel used to fly the vimaanas in book by Hon.Sage Bharadwaj. I believe many of the Sanskrit words mentioned there cannot be accurately translated per current knowledge of aeronautics, chemistry, botany and engineering. Top experts in Sanskrit AND aeronautics, chemistry, botany and engineering need to get together to investigate these materials to really evaluate it and attempt to replicate the machine. I don't believe IISc did this.

    1. Yes I dont think the teachings of Vimanika Shastra were ever explored properly from that angle.. hope it does happen though! Thanx for your appreciation :)

  39. I have heard my father say that people who used to dive into the lake near his family home in Kerala used to see structures and tree trunks all over the lakes. A friend of mine once told that his great grandfather's brother in Kerala used to take ink in a vessel and show events like temple celebrations and stuff in that vessel, like some sort of broadcasting. His eyes used to take a weird shape during the alleged event and they are said to be descendants of Nagavanshi. Legend has that they were among those people of Takshak who fled Khandava forest. Also Thiruananthapuram is Thiru Ananatha Puram, Anantha is the Naga. No wonder Takshak and group shifted to south. In old times almost every house in Kerala had a Sarpa Kaavu, abode of the snake. There are still many left, which has restricted entry. mmmm

    1. That' s interesting.. yes well they did flee out of the northern part so its anybody's guess where the Nagas settled later :)

  40. Vineet Sir, pls share your knowledge about Nikola Tesla and his work too. It is widely believed that he met Swami Vivekananda in America when Swamiji was touring and was introduced to the Vedic teachings since then he became an ardent fan of Vedas and it's knowledge. We all know what Nikola Tesla was about to give us-may be free elecectricity as many people say which was suppressed by JP Morgan and many capitalists and scientists of that day-Kindly share some knowledge about him too. He patented many designs of Planes which resemble the Vimaans mention in Vedic Shastras

    1. Yes I have read these accounts as well Jasbeer but it is hard to prove their absolute authenticity since this information has been buried due to whatever reasons since a long time now.. however if i come across anything that proves it beyond doubt I shall definitely share it!

  41. I just read Vishwamitra and Dr. Vineet please accept my congrats for the story spinning and story telling.
    However I have a suggestion to make reg the fight between the kings as Dattatreya puts it. Pages 69-71.
    The kings denounce their original sons and adapt two more, and name them as sons.
    The original sons also will take part in the game/fight. Thus irrespective of the outcome, the sons are saved.
    The kings will carve out two small areas say less than 5 acres, and proclaim them as independent states,and before that they will ensure that the people of that area are shifted to the main kingdoms.
    Thus irrespective of the outcome, the riches of a very small area are lost, and the winner will restore that area to the loser.
    The losses are minimised.

  42. Dear Doc - Great going. I have been following yr blog and quite an avid researcher into such topics. Vaimanika Shastra and thereabouts lie many ancient secrets lost in time, however painfully the truth and reference to our ancient knowledge attracts disdain and snobbish sneers.
    The so called Intelligentsia and self-proclaimed rationalists have been fed doctored history and philosophy over the modern generations that these realizations are lost as myths and superstition.
    I come across several authoritative articles and fact-finding papers on this subject. Presenting one for your views.


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