Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lokas, the Planets of Advanced Aliens

All Creations of God stretch Infinitely,
All Times, Past, Present and Future,
Worlds imagined and unimagined..
Everything that Can be,
Everything that Cannot be,
All exist somewhere..
Beyond this world are myriad worlds,
And beyond all worlds,
Is the One that is Eternal..

The Hindu New Year has just started and Chaitra Navratri gets over today. Calculations tell us that we are in the 5114th Year of the Era of Kaliyuga, a thought that was enough to get me started on an exploration of the scriptures once again.

Hindu scriptures have always used mind-boggling numbers for the Age of the Universe and the Gods inhabiting it. For example, Brahma, the Creator-God, has an impressive life span that runs into trillions of Solar Years!

The 'Chemical locha' in my brain makes me look for a scientific sub-text in every religious text that I read. How can it be, that the demi-gods and their Superior gods have such long time-spans that make them seem almost IMMORTAL to us??

For some time now, I have been nursing this notion- COULD the multi-limbed gods and goddesses with super-human abilities, space-crafts and atomic-weaponry, be actually super-advanced ALIENS with a keen interest in our world??

Gods as Alien Benefactors of Human-kind

I don't intend this statement to be blasphemous, as I myself am as much a man of Faith as of Science and completely believe in the Divinity of Supreme Lord and the Holy Trinity. What I propose here is a new understanding of the DEMI-GODS as denizens of the same Universe living on different planets called LOKAS.

They have access to highly advanced Science (that we percieve as supernatural abilities) and a much better grasp of the Supreme Lord's Cosmic Plan! Of course, they are Spiritually more advanced too and perform their individual roles in running the Universe impeccably viz. Indra-the Lord of Rain, Varun-the Lord of Oceans and Yamaraj-the Lord of Death.

Could the Scientific advancement of these beings have resulted in their extended life-spans as well?? To us, the World seems to be ending, but our Brahma has JUST hit Middle-age, and is currently near the Noon of the 1st Day of the 51st year of his life!

By my calculation, Lord Brahma's current age of 50 Deva Years (~155 Trillion Human Years) + Half a Day (~1.85 Billion Years) amounts to the massive figure of 155.521852 Trillion Solar Years which would also be the Age of OUR Universe approximately!!

Brahma, the 150 Trillion Year old God!
{Artist-Anirudh Sainath}

It is noteworthy that unlike any other belief system in the World, Hindu Cosmology talks about Time frames that are even FURTHER in the mists of time than the approximations arrived at by current Science (Age of Universe - 14 Billion years).

Whether we consider them advanced aliens or demi-gods, these beings would be FAR FAR Superior to us in Scientific as well as Spiritual pursuits and we should keep that in our mind while reading about their super-human feats in the ancient chronicles. Respecting the authority of these same sources, in this post, let us embark on a journey of Scriptural Space-Exploration.

Do Aliens Exist?

Our planet is the only KNOWN planet which has given birth to Life; however, it does not follow that it is the ONLY one capable of supporting Life!

There are Billions and Billions of Stars in each Galaxy; Billions of Galaxies in each Universe, and as we learnt in the 2nd post (Black Holes and Bhagavatam), Billions of Universes in the Material Creation!! It is more likely than not, that Life in its myriad forms exists in not just one but many other planets as yet undiscovered by the human race.

Billions of stars in our Galaxy Milky Way
Trillions of Galaxies in the Universe
Zillions of Universes emerging from Shri Maha-Vishnu

Scientifically, it is still undetermined whether the universe exists by itself or is just one of the countless trillions within a larger Multiverse, itself contained within the Omniverse that is the Material World.

Even if we forget the Multi-verse and Parallel Universes we encountered in a previous post, there are still enough planets within our OWN Universe, which could be inhabited by alien species. Here, I would quote my favorite author, Arthur C. Clarke to put a very valid point across-

Almost certainly there is enough land in the sky to give every member of the human species, his own private world! But how many of those potentially habitable worlds are ALREADY inhabited, we have no way of knowing!

Yet, as he quite eloquently states, the barriers of distance are crumbling; one day SOON we may meet our Equals, or our Masters, among the stars.

Advanced Aliens from a Hollywood flick

Sadly, Human race today, is like the proverbial Frog-in-the-well. We have been cocooned by our Atmosphere and sheltered from the harsh realities of Universe for so long, that we just can't remember how things are outside of it. But there are entire Solar Systems, Galaxies and even Universes that are inaccessible to us right now and it would be good to remember the plausability of Life existing somewhere out there.

Different Worlds in Our Universe

Let us begin our journey with a brief insight into our current place in the Universe by means of this animation:

Zoom out from Earth to the Universe

It would be immediately clear from this video that we are an extremely tiny and insignificant part of this gigantic Universe and there are billions and zillions of worlds out there about which we have absolutely no clue even today. Fortunately for us, the Ancients were NOT as short-sighted or limited by Scientific Theories as we are today, and have described planets, galaxies and even multiple Universes in this Material Realm which would act like what Science calls an Omniverse.

The Puraans give THREE different divisions of our Universe and label them as the:

  • Urdhva-loka (Highest abodes),
  • Madhya or Bhu-loka (Middle ones), and
  • Adho-loka (the Lower realms). 

Various scriptures talk about these different realms within Material Creation. In the Great War of Mahabharat, when Arjuna faltered in his duty, Lord Krishna gave him the Divine discourse of  Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, and let him have a glimpse of His Supreme Virat-Roop

In this Universal Form of the Lord, Arjun could see the entire cosmos. Eternity manifests itself in endless ways on endless planes of existence and from head to toe, Arjuna saw the body of Lord Krishna encompassing 14 different planetary dimensions!!

Virat Roop of Lord Vishnu

Let us try to understand what the fourteen planetary systems or Lokas refer to and what is their geographical and spatial arrangement.

Lokas in Our Universe

Each Universe is shaped like an egg (Brahmand) and within it exist the three levels of Lokas. There are 14 planetary systems comprising the three Lokas and below them exist the 28 different Hells. It is interesting to note that various Puraans claim the original abode of Shiva to be at the boundary of this Universe and NOT Kailash.

Brahmand and its Lokas

The Vayu Puraan, Chapter 39 sheds more light on the details of this place and says that beyond Brahmaloka and beneath the upper crust of the Cosmic Egg – in between these two is the PURA (Shiva’s city), his divine abode MANOMAYA (consisting of the mind).

This, then is the Original and Supreme abode of Shiva where He resides till the end of Creation and is visited by the other gods in their space-crafts (aliens again?). This would also make sense, since geologically, the Himalayas (of which Mount Kailash is a part), did not rise up till about 5o million years ago!

The Hari-vamsha says that Higher planetary systems are the realms of Devas, Angels, Spirits and Manes; Middle Planets (Bhu-Loka) the abode of mortal beings like Humans and animals; and the Lower planets are populated by the Demons and Nagas. Since the names in the Image above may not be very clear, I am jotting down the 14 systems here:

      Higher Lokas  -  Lower Lokas

All these planets are within the material world and under the control of Devi Durga, therefore the Material Creation is also known as Devi-dham.

Development of higher consciousness, starts with human beings, and further increases among the denizens of higher planetary systems. Our Earth is situated close to the middle of these planetary systems and represents the Mortal Realms known as the Bhu Mandala.

Jain Scriptures also describe a similar form known as the Lok-purush or the Cosmic Man. The torso and head of the Cosmic Man contain a series of heavenly realms where the inhabitants experience lives of pleasure. The legs represent a series of seven hells, which offer an endless variety of torments.

Lokas in Jain cosmology

For us, the most important part of the universe, is the disk at the Loka-purush's waist, representing the MIDDLE-WORLD, where humans live and great teachers can be born. In this post, I shall take you through the 14 planetary systems starting with the Top planets first and gradually progressing to the Lower ones.

URDHVA-LOKA or The Higher Planets

The Higher Planets are abodes of super-intelligent, super-human, semi-divine and spiritually advanced beings. Loosely they may be understood as the Heavenly planets compared to the Middle Realm of Earth-like planets and the lower Hellish realms.

Comparative arrangement of Lokas

This group contains SIX planetary systems shown in the image above as the top six Lokas. The lowest of these, the Bhuvar-Loka, lies immediately above the Earthly Realm or Bhu-Loka.


The HIGHEST planet in the Material Realm is the abode of Lord Brahma, the progenitor of this universe. Along with him are present, his consort Saraswati and other spiritual entities who, after eons of spiritual penance have been able to transcend the bonds of Material world and reach this plane by traversing through the Milky Way.

Satya-Loka or Brahma-Loka

At the time of final dissolution of the material planets the residents here transform their subtle bodies into spiritual bodies and enter the eternal Vaikuntha planets which begin 26,200,000 yojanas ABOVE the Satyaloka.


This is the abode of the four Kumars named Sanat, Sanak, Sanandan, and Sanatan and is located 120,000,000 yojanas below the Satya-Loka.

They are the first incarnations of Lord Vishnu and represent the Gyan-shakti (power of knowledge) of the Lord. They are collectively referred to as the Kumars because they are immortal and live for the entire duration of universal time, yet retain their appearance of 5 year old kids!

The 4 Kumars preaching Supreme Knowledge

Because of their pure nature, they have easy access to the Brahma-Loka as well as the Spiritual Realm and regularly visit Lord Vishnu in the Vaikuntha.


The next Loka lies 80,000,000 yojanas below the Tapaloka and is the abode of great rishis. 20,000,000 yojanas below Janaloka is the Maharloka which is another abode of great saints and sages.

These Lokas are populated by mystics who can move between any planets within the material universe at speeds unthinkable to modern Science and the greatest of sages, such as Bhrigu Muni, live in this place. The inhabitants have a life span of one whole day of Brahma (4.32 Billion years)!

Sages of Jana-Loka and Mahar-loka worshipping the Lord

When the fire of devastation reaches this planet the residents transport themselves to Satyaloka where they live further before the highest of planets is also destroyed. They then transform their subtle bodies to spiritual and enter the spiritual realms.

Here, by means of his Karma, a soul can either go higher, up to Satyaloka and become Brahma's associate, or down, to the level of the Devas or demigods.


The abode of the 33 Vedic gods also known as the Trayastriṃśa in Buddhist cosmology is located on the peak of Mount Meru, the central mountain of the world, at a height of 80,000 yojans.

This Loka corresponds to the concept of Heaven as described in the Western sense of the term. Here the King of the Gods, Indra rules with his brothers and companions. His entourage comprises of Angels, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Maruts, Vasus and other divine beings.

The Heavenly Realm

This is one of the most opulent planetary system with unimaginable riches, wish-fulfilling trees, supersonic space-crafts, ability to travel in different dimensions, long life-spans, and freedom from disease and disability. The duty of these Demi-gods is to manage the affairs of the universe, protecting its inhabitants against the demons.

The capital city of this world is Amravati - Abode of the Immortals. Indra and his fellow-residents obtain all the pleasures of life because of the wish-fulfilling cow Kamdhenu. This divine cow, the three-headed White Elephant Airavat as well as the Flying Horse Uchhaihshrava (~Greek Pegasus) were the riches Indra obtained after the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean.

Indra riding the winged-horse Ucchaihshrava

However, the 33 gods do not have a completely worry-free life here. In particular, they find themselves frequently challenged by the Asuras who dwell at the foot of Sumeru, plotting for ways to overthrow the Devas and take over their kingdom.

Devas getting ready for a battle with Asuras
Image courtesy Grant Morrison's 18 Days
{Art by Mukesh Singh}

Scriptural references make it equivalent to the Biblical Heaven or Islamic Jannat where the good souls go after death to reap the benefits of their good Karma.

If they become advanced in devotional service, they can advance to one of the higher Munilokas but if they become attached to material enjoyment, they will degrade into a lower position of a semi-divine being of even a Human again.


This planetary system roughly corresponds to our Solar System and contains Five major planets plus the Sun-God. However, there are two planets outside the Solar System included in this - Dhruva Loka or Pole Star and the realm of the Sapta-rishis or Big Dipper.

These Lokas are the abodes of Semi-divine beings who are one notch higher than the Humans. They assist the demigods in various ways and sometimes interact with the humans. By advancement in their service they can become a Demigod or by indulging in enjoyment, be born as a Human on the Earthly Realms.


It is the planetary complex revolving around the Polestar that is said to be 10,000,000 yojans below the Maharloka. It is described as the center of a bright ring of stars identified with our galaxy, Milky Way.

In every material universe, there is one Vaikunth planet with an ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu resides on an island called Shvetadvipa. In our Universe, this planet is situated in the Eastern side of Dhruvaloka and is the abode of Lord Kshirodakshayi Vishnu!

Brahma and the demigods meditating on Lord Vishnu at the Shvet-dvipa in Dhruv Loka

This transcendental island is 200,000 square miles and covered with desire trees for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord who resides here with Goddess Lakshmi and other pure, transcendental entities.

As it is a spiritual planet, it is eternal and therefore remains when all other planets within the material universes are destroyed. It is believed to be the pivot for all material stars and planets with even the Sun, revolving at the speed of 16,000 miles per second around the Dhruvaloka.

As mentioned in a previous post {Black Holes and Bhagavatam}, this Loka is located at the Galactic Center which is formed by a Super-massive Black Hole which may act as a portal between the Physical and Spiritual Realms.

Sapta-rishi Loka

The abode of the Seven Great Seers or the Sapta-rishis located 100,000 Yojans below the Dhruva-Loka.

The seven rishis are the most advanced spiritual guides for Humanity and have been present at all major time periods of our History. Astronomically, their abode is recognized in the form of the Big Dipper or Ursa Major constellation and it always revolves around the Dhruv-Loka or Pole Star.

Sapta-rishi Loka revolves around the Pole Star

Rishi Vasishth was the preceptor of the Solar Dynasty or Suryavansh while Vishwamitra was the guru of Lord Rama. There are numerous stories and legends in the ancient scriptures which relate the immense services these rishis have provided to different rulers on our planet since the beginning of time.


Nakshatra Mandala is the stellar neighborhood of the Solar System perceived as the starry night sky. It is generally equated with the Zodiac Map around the Earth and represents the different constellations visible to us from Earth.


Lokas of Solar Planets

The next Lokas are those of the major Solar planets viz.  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which are the abodes of the divine-beings called Budh, Shukra, Mangal, Brihaspati and Shanaichar respectively.

The Lokas of Solar Planets

An alternate view is that these are spherical shell regions in which the respective planet's orbits are situated and these shells contain one after the other in the order of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are believed to be located at a respective distance of 2,00,000 Yojans each.


Similarly, the Surya-Loka refers to the sphere of the Sun-god and the Solar neighborhood. It is located at a height of 1,00,000 Yojans above the Earth.

The Most importnt thing about this Loka is that it is situated bang in the middle of the Bhuloka and Bhuvarloka, rotating through the time circle of the zodiac. Thus, it represents not only the center of the Solar System, but ALSO the center of the Universe!!

Surya-Loka represents the center of our Universe

Since all observable data has shown the Universe to be expanding all around us, it MAY in fact BE true that our Solar System occupies the central position in the Egg-shaped Universe that we exist in. Those interested in knowing more can go through this article by Dr. Russel Humphrey - {Our-galaxy-is-the-centre-of-the-universe-quantized-redshifts-show}.

It is not so easy to determine the real space structure of the universe because there's no INDEPENDENT measure of distance in the universe. Hence, the astronomers have to look at a map of redshifts and directions in the sky from where the light has come. Then to get the distance to the source galaxy they have to assume the Hubble law.

Such observations have confirmed that numerical values of galaxy redshifts are ‘quantized’, tending to fall into distinct groups. According to Hubble’s Law, redshifts are proportional to how far a Galaxy is from us and an analysis of these shifts shows that galaxies tend to be grouped into (conceptual) spherical shells concentric around our home galaxy, the Milky Way.


Chandra/Soma is the Sanskrit name of the Moon-god and hence, this Loka includes the satellite of Moon as well as its orbital neighborhood.

It should be remembered that when the scriptures talk about the Sun or the Moon-gods, it does not imply that the Star and the Satellite themselves are revered as Gods! There are deities who have been given the responsibility of these Heavenly bodies and THEY are the ones referred to by these terms.

Chandra-Loka, abode of the Moon-god

Moon influences the tidal processions and growth of vegetation therefore it is considered the life-giver for all living beings on earth. Here the celestial, intoxicating beverage called Soma is also available which is consumed by Indra and other Devas especially when they are getting ready for a battle.


Rahu is the North node of the Moon's orbit while its counterpart Ketu is the southern one. It is said to be situated 80,000 miles above the three previous Lokas and is responsible for causing the Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu are identified with the Ascending and Descending Nodes of the Moon which are the points where the orbits of Sun and Moon intersect and if the alignment is correct, either a Solar or Lunar eclipse may occur.

Rahu and Ketu as Nodes of the Lunar orbit

Thus, these are not imaginary entities which periodically swallow the Sun and the Moon to cause an eclipse but ACTUAL positions contributing to the eclipses. The ancients were after all NOT crazy and the myths actually have underlying science inherent in them.

Siddhaloka, Charanaloka, & Vidyadharaloka

These planets are spread from above the Antariksh to the orbit of the Moon. Their residents are born with all the mystic siddhis naturally, including the ability to travel to other planets without using mechanical contraptions.

Vidyadhars/Angels visit Earth as messengers

The Vidyadhars are winged-creatures corresponding to the western concept of Angels and Siddhas are advanced beings who do not need wings to fly on account of their mystic Yogic powers. Chaarans spend most of their time traveling between the different planetary systems, eulogizing the Lord.

To me, the above mentioned three dimensions seem to represent the DIVISIONS of ATMOSPHERE which is quite neatly divided into three bands as well!

The Layers of Atmosphere between Sun and Earth

It is quite possible, that the three Lokas mentioned here, actually refer to the Atmospheric layers of Thermosphere, Mesosphere and Stratosphere and these entities exist there in an ethereal form.


The sky called Antariksh is the lowest of the higher Lokas and exists immediately above the Earth realm. It extends as far as the wind blows and clouds float in the sky and within it are the residences of Yakshas, Rakshashas, Pisachas, Ghosts, and other etheral beings.

Now that we are done with the Higher planets, let's move on to the Middle level Earth-like worlds known as th Mrityu-Loka or Bhu-Loka.

MADHYA-LOKA or The Middle Planets

The Bhumandala comprises of SEVEN Planets giving rise to the Mortal Realm. These are:
  • Jambu-dvipa,
  • Plaksha-dvipa,
  • Salmali-dvipa,
  • Kusha-dvipa,
  • Krauncha-dvipa,
  • Shaka-dvipa,
  • Pushkar-dvipa

We have already identified JAMBUDWEEP as our planet, in a previous post {Jambudvip - The Global Island}. The other six planets are arranged in a concentric fashion around the central planet Earth.

Dvipas in their orbits with Earth in the Centre

I wouldn't go much into the details of the different planets here because the descriptions more or less follow the same pattern as those of the Earth. All these planets have land surrounded by huge oceans and comprise of Humanoid species.

However, the denizens here live longer and are more materially opulent than the denizens of our world becuase right from Plaksh-dvipa to Shak-dvipa, there is a perpetual Treta-Yuga which is a more conducive age than our present Kailyuga.

I hope most of you would have grasped the point to be noted here - Besides Earth, there are SIX more planets which have Human-beings/Humanoids inhabiting them!

The significance of this information is huge!! If only we could identify these planets, we would be able to identify the location of OTHER intelligent species similar to us as well. I for one would be most eager to join if someone with access to astronomical resources needed for this endeavor decides to take the initiative..

Till then, let us do what we can and learn more about the other Lokas.

ADHO-LOKA or The Lower Planets

About 70,000 Yojans below the earth begin the seven lower planetary systems. It should be remembered that these planets may be LOWER in spatial co-ordinates but are materially MORE opulent than even the Higher Planets hence they are known as the Bila-Swarga!

These geographically lower worlds are:
  • Atal
  • Vital
  • Sutal
  • Talatal
  • Mahataal
  • Rasaatal
  • Pataal

The residents here enjoy a standard of material comfort UNMATCHED by even the higher planets because the denizens of these worlds are concerned only with Material enjoyment and have very loittle Spiritual inclination.

These lower worlds are dark planets, devoid of any Sunshine and are hence artificially-lit by means of huge reflecting surfaces in the form of crystals and gems! Since time is not divided into days and nights due to no sunshine reaching these planets, they have no fear produced by time.

These planets are the residence of Daityas, Danavas, Panis, Nivat-kavachs, Rakshasas, Kalkeyas, Nagas, Uragas who are all engaged in illusory material enjoyment with no thought of spiritual liberation. All residents bathe in elixirs which free them from any anxiety or physical disease, as well as any signs of physical aging. 

Rakshas denizens enjoy all Material opulences

The visual beauty of these artificial heavens surpasses even that of the higher planets and hence they are known as Bila-Swarga. There are incredible feats of architecture in their cities bedecked with valuable jewels.

This sensual atmosphere completely captures the mind, allowing no thoughts but those directed toward fulfillment of pleasure. Demon live in these lower planetary systems with their wives and children, always engaged in sense gratification and not fearing their next births.

There are some details which are worth mentioning here-

  • The planet Sutal is the abode of Bali Maharaj, the most benevoent and just king of the Asura race, who was blessed by Lord Vishnu to become the Indra for the next Manvantar.
  • In the Lower planets of Mahataal and Pataal, reside the Nagas or the semi-human serpent people. The Nagaloka is a splendid place with unimaginable riches. All darkness is banished here because of the brilliantly glowing jewels on the hoods of the huge serpents. The King of the Nagas, Vasuki resides here in his capital Bhogavati.

    Naga city of Bhogavati

    • Buddhist texts mention eight major kings of the Nagas - Vasuki, Takshak, Nanda, Upananda, Sagar, Balvan, Anavatapta and Utpal. The same are also referred to as the 'Eight Dragon Kings' in Chinese and Japanese legends.
    • Below the lowest planet of Pataal, is the planet of the Manes or ancestors who are known as the Pitras.

    Texts like the Mahabharat repeatedly give incidents of Nagas emerging from under the ground (inspired probably by their tendency to live in burrows) and Naga princesses abducting handsome men deep down under water. Maybe a thorough underwater exploration can help shed some light on the possible existence of portals between these worlds and our Earth.

    Till now, we have encountered planets with advanced beings having multiple limbs who can transport themselves from one place to another in a fraction of a second (Vaikunth-Loka). We saw planets where people travel on airplanes and space-crafts rather than ground-cars (Swarga-Loka) and also read about planets that do not need the Sun for survival (Bila-Swarga)

    Beneath all these, and slightly above the Garbhodak ocean, are the Naraklokas, or the hellish planets. 

    NARAK-LOKA or The Hellish Planets

    Narak is the Hindu counterpart of Christian Hell and Islamic Dozakh.

    This place acts as a purgatory for the souls who have commited the most abominable actions on the earthly plane. Unlike the Eternal Hell of Western religions though, this place is temporary and once the soul has learnt its lesson, it is free to move back into the regular dimension.

    Lowest of all are the Planets of Hell

    There are 28 different hells described in the Vedic literature and these planets are: Raurav, Sukar, Rodha, Tal, Vishsan, Mahajwal, Taptakumbh, Lavan, Vilohit, Rudhiramabh, Vaitarni, Krimish, Krimibhojan, Asipatravana, Krishna, Lalabhaksha, Darun, Puyuvah, Pap, Vahnijwal, Adhahshira, Sandansh, Kalsutra, Tamas, Avichi, Swabhojan, Apratishthit and Aprachi.

    The different Hells

    The ancient sages have made provisions of expiation for those sinners who feel guilty in their conscience after committing their sins. Only those sinners who do not expiate for their sins fall into these hells. Although life here seems to go on for an eternity, in actual fact the duration of one's Karmic sentence here may be only seconds or moments.

    All these Hells are under the domain of Surya-putra Yamaraj where he delivers judgement according to the record kept by his assistant Chitra-gupta.

    Yamraj in his Court of Justice 
    Image courtesy Dominique Amendola

    As I understand, the sins are paid off in hell only when you have achieved the human form at the end of the 84 lakh births you have taken.. at all other times, the soul is immediately transferred to a new body as soon as it leaves the previous one.

    Below these planets is the Garbhodak Ocean which forms the bottom of the Universal Egg or the Brahm-and.

    Foundation of Our Universe

    At the base of our Universe lies the immense Garbhodak Ocean on which reclines the second form of Lord Vishnu - Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu, resting on the Eternal serpent, Ananta-Shesha. {For details check this link - Creation by Brahma}.

    Final arrangement of the Lokas

    Anant-Shesh has thousands of hoods and each of the hoods carries a bright gemstone that illuminates the azimuths. At the end of every Kalpa, Brahma goes to sleep and rests for the night.

    The time has come now for the Maha-pralaya when fiery poison emanates from Ananta's thousands of hoods and destroys all Creation. This is the Sankarshan form of the Lord from whose eyebrows appears the three-eyed Rudra who destroys the three worlds and dances the dance of destruction known as the Tandav.

    Lord Sankarshan destroys the creation at the end of Brahma's day

    From all that we have read about the different Lokas, Bhu-Loka or the Earth-Realm seems to be sort of a Launch-pad from where you can reach the other worlds based on your Karma.

    Through GOOD Karma and right inclination, one can ascend to the Spiritually advanced Higher planets; through OKAYish Karma, indulgence of senses and unbridled desires, one can descend to the Spiritually deprived but Materially advanced Lower planets. And through really really really BAD Karma, one may have to suffer in one of the Hellish planets!

    This, I believe is the central learning from all this knowledge. Even if you are a Deva or a Rishi, there's no guarantee that you won't be born as a Rakshas or an ant or a bacteria in your next birth! There are numerous instances where a Divine being was cursed to be born as a Human or an animal because of his bad Karma.

    The only certain way to get out of this Samsara or the Never-ending Cycle of Birth and Death is to keep the Lord in your heart in every action that you do, in every thought that comes to your mind, and in every breath that you take.

    I conclude this post with a statement from the Brahma-Vaivarta Puraan -
    Harer naam Harer naam Hare naam Kevalam,
    Kalau na asti eva na asti eva na asti eva gatih anyathha!

    Only the name of Hari, Only the name of Hari, Only the name of Hari,
    There's no other delieverance, no other deliverance, no other deliverance in this Age of Kali!

    Aum Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:


    1. his is whatt said in Geeta and Bhagavatam, existence of species which are more intelligent than us. Rovers, Outlanders and probes which are invented by us and sent in to space are indeed finding new species. Many species "DO" exist.Science always Spirituality. :)LK

    2. The 10th Vishnu avatar, Kalki, is supposed to be from the "other" world..... That says it all..

    3. I know :) the scriptures definitely contain a lot of other world descriptions.. Its fascinating to think that our ancient texts may actually be the chronicles of various advanced alien species!

    4. Or they could be the stories of our earth told by those keeping a watch over us and trying to put some sense into our brains :))))

    5. Ahhh well... Hopefully Pritee we're headed in the right direction ;)

    6. ur work is always inspiring... Impressed by ur work...Krishna bless you.

    7. 2X7 = 14 lokas r there

    8. I liked your view Vineet ji and want to suggest you to go ahead of this scientific view-point. Whatever you described as per hindu scriptures is "Kshar Purush/Had bhumi" which is perishable. SO go ahead and describe "Ashar Purush" and "Uttam Purush".

    9. Thanx a lot for ur feedback Nabyn. M sure no one can describe the Supreme Lord though.. words ain't enough to do justice to His glories.. Hare Krishna :)

    10. Surely we r on d right path... There r supposed to be only quater of dharma adhering people in this kalyug... Which is absolutely true, so...

    11. RADHE RADHE ,
      DEAR FRIEND, KNOW THE sun is a proton having app 9 our body or a body there are billions of electrons or small planets serving as lokas inside like outside.the seed/programme/sperme travles journey in upper part or direction or upper lokas as tej or downwards to lower part or lokas as its destiny is to amalgate in other or create new one.
      A/ ABOUT 5000YRS AGO Vedvavyasaji ne god(Specifically all our hindu gods) ko sabse pahle visualise kiya.u know his santakaram bhujgam is gagan ,sky, sunya, zero, space has been reffered as god vishnu.SO GOD IS SPACE.THERE IS SPACE ABOVE US,INFRONT OF US,WITHIN US. everything wants a space somewhere that is lap of infinite auto forms.
      B/vishnu, space desended next in form of celestal bodies about billions of yr ago.there r about 15 billion glaxies each having about 15 billion stars .next it appeared in seeds or programmes of all living infinte power from one grain of wheat crores of wheat grain can be it decended in it in quarks i . smallest no charged particles.these r only main 4-5 forms but it is infinte forms infinite god plays role in infinite forms.
      C/EACH FORM of GOD HAS INFINTE POTENTIAL.even we everyone is also one of his form, but even whole life is passed we fail to recognise ourselves. regonise yr true form FROM today & have the god qualities of allmighty incorporated in yr life or enjoy sachidananda.RADHE RADHE.
      D/VEDVYASYAJI NE ved in four veds he wrote any thing or aauhti given to fire or i e surya or agni dev is yagya.kisi bhi chiz ke liye prano ki aahuti di jati hai ya jijan lagana padta hai.

    12. E/next vedvyasaji wrote 18 PURANS. NEXT HE WROTE BHAGWAT.bha for bhakti, g for gyana,wa for varagya,t for tyaga.we can go for only 1st & 2nd step .3rd & forth r two difficult in kaliyug or present time.only last gautam budha or mahavir achived 2000yrs ago those higher we can hear bhagwat only ,but jivan me utarneki liye its to difficult.RADHE RADHE.
      F/then vedvyasa wrote mahabharat & GITA. here he also depicted all moral lessons of life with reference to society &karma.though all the same lessons were earlier described by him in vedas,puran,bhagwat,but the same all here again for welfare of humans or understaning or realising god here he described in different way again. radhe radhe

    13. inspiring and great work.
      Thanks for knowledge.

    14. gr8 work , buddy! the art work and the insights are really eye catching! I recall Ravana calling his Son Mahiravna from the netherworld....the magic shown can also be teleportation..

    15. @Manish the pleasure's all mine bro :)

    16. ‎@Sonu thanx buddy :) thts what i hv always believed abt transportation! These guys didnt even need to say - Beam Me Up Scotty :P

      1. Amazing absolutely mind boggling stuff.Straight after the heart.Keep going.

    17. Well vineet sir u r just doing a commendable job,i love to read this blog.pulls me more towards spirituality.But the only question that is always pricking my heart is why supreme god is putting poor souls like us through momentary joys and sorrows,repeated cycles of false births and deaths in this illusory world,is this the way of his to have fun??
      waiting for your reply eagerly,
      abnv (please pardon my poor english)
      HARI OM........

    18. Thanx for the kind words Abhinav.. well the cycle of birth and death is not falso but very real! and the Supreme Lord does not put us here bcoz of His own wish.. we, the souls living here wanted to enjoy on our own, without paying heed to God.. that's y He, like a benevolent Father, created a completely new world for us which is this Material World. Here we are free to seek whatever enjoyment we want but with each right comes a duty.. we will continue to live here till we dont realize where our REAL home is and make efforts to go back there.. that's y remember Lord in whatever u do.. in whatever form u believe He exists in.. As Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita - Aham Tvaam Sarva Paapebhyo Mokshyishyami :)

    19. problem is that the same can be said of greek and norse gods.

      and i consider alien encounters highly unlikely.

    20. Perhaps explains the anomalies in history and the references to a bygone metal age predating India’s Bronze Age.

    21. @Vineet
      You are good blogger and You have good talent.

    22. @Kishan Bailey totally... @Kaushik i dont think thts a problem! Its more than likely that they were the same Gods which were referred to by diff names by people using deiff languages.. already if u research, there r enuff similarities btw the Hindu and Greek gods!

    23. Your article is thought provoking indeed! Nicely written

    24. nice thread!..interesting :P

    25. Hi, really great knowledge about lokas at a place. Thanks alot for sharing in orkut too. Some doubt, where this "Thrishanku Swarga" exists. And i heard Kailas-Lord-siva's residence is very near to Himalayas, some depicts it as at Himalayas itself near to 'Manasa Sarovar". And another doubt is-i heard - that the path to Garuda valley-related to Hell/Naraka is located in Nalamala forests. Do it that near to earth.

    26. Thanx a lot Meghana for ur appreciation :)
      I think the Trishanku Heaven would be somewhere in the Bhuvar-Loka as he was not allowed to ascend to the Heaven Loka above it.. it would probably lie in the space called Antariksh.. Lord Shiva's Dhaam is on the Mount Kailash at the edge of the Material Universe but its reflection on Earth is the Kailash mountain that we see. Don't have any info about the last part of ur query but wil get back to u when I find the answer :)

    27. Vineet sir, i wish we chat some day thoroughly on this topic,as i really need somebody learned and enlightened enough to clear my confusions.

    28. Would be my pleasure Abhinav.. love to share whatever limited knowledge I have with anyone who's interested in knowing more about our ancient traditions and philosophy..

    29. Seven heavens are seven planets in the solar system. Saturn is considered as seventh heaven where God Vishnu resides. This is same in Islamic belief as well. search as 'seven heavens' in wikipedia.

    30. The real problem with todays modern science is that it is limited to physical level they cannot think beyond material world...rather other ancient scriptures tell about various metaphysical leves....

      Brahmlolk and Vishnulok are not on Saturn or Pluto....they are worlds in different dimensions....just as we exist in the world of can also call this world as a dream of 100 years....its really difficult for us to understand and explain untill we realise them....

      TO realise such things we need to understand Vedic cant realise Vedas from Western philosophy...

    31. U r a good blogger and researcher of our ancient scriptures.

    32. you are really imaginative and also good at your research....
      keep penning and enlighten us with more in this topic!!
      Nice way of projecting the same in ur blog!

    33. @Vidyanatah Thanx a ton :)

      @Gaurav well if u read the above article it wud help u clear ur misconceptions :)

    34. @Avtaar.. u may have a point there.. the different Lokas may actually exist in different dimensions, however, for the sake of simplicity, I have just described the Lokas as per Shrimad Bhagavatam and of course u r free to make ur interpretations of the same..

    35. @MK thanx a lot buddy! I shall keep trying my best to share whatever I know with everyone here :)

    36. So what about facebook-chat jenaab?i am sure u will be 'facing the book too'.

    37. hmmmm, that is quite an interesting point! hadn't thought of it in this way but had considered the traditional approach (such as Heaven and Hell). Plus, people living in the different -lokhs have different adaptatins and powers suited to their environment.... An interesting point nonetheless. :)

    38. Thanx a lot @Hina :) m glad u found it interesting!

    39. In math, the universe is packed with civilisations.. And the Indians are by far historically and present, the greatest mathematicians.. So the sum is that it's all true. Even the God of Abraham.. The spirit world is taught to be the real world, so I think we don't know until we pass back.. anywhere in the universe, has a viewpoint anywhere else in the universe to any given moment of the given lifespan.. In other words, all is now.

    40. @Jesper I agree.. God is beyond the physical world and beyond Past, Present and Future..

    41. ‎Vineet that is some mind twisting thing you just brought in,it is awesome,the Lokas in Jain cosmology almost looks like a mincowisky light cone.....i think those who gave us the idea about these are nothing but human being traveling in time... God is man from future...

    42. ‎@Aritra Sanyal thanx for the feedback! I have always been fascinated with the science in our ancient mythologies and while researching for this post I myself was surprised many a times wid the scientific parallels we can draw wid some of d current concepts! Who knows what more we may discover in the Future..

    43. Vineet i really appreciate that you went through this all this history but i was amazed to see that they really knew the shape of the observable universe thats why they named it Brahmand shape like egg and originated from Brahma.....

    44. Trust me Aritra the pleasure was all mine.. and yes the Universe is known as Brahmand but it did not originate from Brahma rather it was the other way round according to scriptures!! check the post 'Creation by Brahma' for more clarity :)

    45. I'm so fond of your blog here. Wonderful to see such a fresh view of the greatest metaphysical tradition on earth. Recently I was attempting to translate the Rig Veda. I fully admit that I am only 3+ years into my Sanskrit studies. However, what I "saw" in two of the verses: III.44.5 and III.45 was a description of rocket fuel and weather control as Ionospheric Heating. I'm sure some will think me quite mad. I am devoted to the Bhagavad Gita and practice a sort of Kashmir Shaivism, I have the deepest respect for the Sanskrit texts, which I believe is evident from my website. But I am wildly curious to know if anyone else sees these flavors in the Rig Veda?

    46. Vineet your research is quite meticulous and interesting, poses a lot of questions and travels beyond the threshold of imagination.

    47. Thanx a lot @sadhana.. that was precisely the intention.. to look at our religious scriptures from a scientific view-point and figure out what it all actually means!

    48. good to see someone working on these forgotten facts tooo, which the world seems to say as fake

    49. @sidb.. true.. the world needs to open its eyes to this ancient heritage and find out its own origins!

      @Susan was great to know the translations you have deduced from the said verses.. wish u all d best for the path that you have taken up.. may the light of the Vedic seers guide you always :)

      1. Thanks so much! I appreciate you having a look at my wild translations, and was glad you were not offended. I don't feel that finding this kind of technology in the Rig Veda diminishes the greatness of these Seers. In fact to me it enhances them. The possibility exists that Vishvamitra and others were not only men of great wisdom, but masters of science and quantum physics as well. Why not? The early translators, especially those biased western fellows, would not have had ideas such as weather modification, Ionospheric Heating, and uranium in their vocabulary. The Sanskrit texts are a vast ocean of jewel-like inspiration and mysteries. May the Light of the Vedic Seers guide me always, indeed! Thank you for that!

      2. Not at all.. ur correct that the early translators of these works did not have relevant references to do a proper job of it.. I believe these texts are a treasure-house of ancient wisdom we just need to find the correct key to unlock their mysteries! May the Force be with You :)

    50. I've been thinking about this topic for a very long time pondering over such facts. Your post has cleared many doubts. Brilliant! Hats off to your research! Thank You :) !

    51. @Avimanyu thanx a lot buddy :)
      finally u got the time to check this out ;)

    52. Thanks again for this wonderful post! Books to inspire us all:
      VEDIC STRING THEORY, by M. Anant Bhakta; 2006, BookSurge, LLC;

      VEDIC PHYSICS, Towards Unification of Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity, by Keshav Dev Verma; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1991, 2008.

      MAYA in PHYSICS, by N.C. Panda; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1991, 2005.

      THE VIBRATING UNIVERSE, by N.C. Panda; Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1995, 2000.

      Vedic Physics, Scientific Origin of Hinduism, by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ph.D., foreword by Professor Subhash Kak; Golden Egg Publishing, Toronto, 1999.

      The Astronomical Code of the Rgveda, by Subhash Kak; Munishiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2000.

      1. Thanks Susan for information. Is there any pdf files available of any one of these. Please provide.

    53. Thanx Susan for that interesting list! M sure the readers wil find them thought-provoking :)

    54. You said: "Its fascinating to think that our ancient texts may actually be the chronicles of various advanced alien species!" I have waited so long to hear someone besides me say this. I'm just an old woman enraptured by Sanskrit, but I so agree with you! These verses in the VAYU Purana have intrigued me for many years:
      VAYA PURANA, Chapter 39
      [230] Beyond Brahmaloka and beneath the upper crust of the Cosmic Egg – in between these two is the PURA (Shiva’s city), his divine abode MANOMAYA (consisting of the mind).
      [238] The city shines much with scattered diamond dust.
      These worlds are light from within, meaning their reality does not consist of reflected light, as does our solid five-sense material world.
      [239-42] … there are divine lotuses… made of gold… their inner surfaces are very tender. The lotuses covering up the whole place seem to be so many umbrellas.
      Are these gold umbrellas some sort of protective technology? Are these beings vulnerable to Cosmic Rays, Gamma and X-Rays as we are?
      [260-263] Some [of the inhabitants] are… horse-faced… a few have the faces of the lord of the beasts; other have faces and bellies like those of elephants, others are elephant-faced; a few are lion-faced and tiger-faced… others can assume any form they wish.
      If this had been translated before today’s science began to fool around with genetic manipulation, naturally these creatures would have been seen as ‘mythology’. The same images of human bodies with animal heads are sprinkled on the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform tablets.

      1. By now, I haven't read Vayu Puran but I honestly believe that creatures described above are original and not developed by genetic engineering. There are two possibilities of such creatures
        A. Mating of two different species having same chromosomal properties (i.e. compatible genetic code for reproduction e.g. Mules)
        B. These might be connecting links of two species having independent properties e.g. Skink or Draco refer:

        However, I would like to mention that Lord Shiva is the only surgeon known to me who performed such modification (Fixing animal head to human body while brain retains the same memory and properties) e.g. Prajapati Daksha who had Goat head & Lord Ganesha who had Elephand head on human body. Refer:the link below for brief detail on Daksha

        Keep Smiling

      2. Thanx for the inputs mate.. they certainly seem plausible..

    55. Quite true Susan! it's plausible that these creatures were a result of genetic engineering.. if we just stop denying the possibilty that the ancients were more advanced scientifically than us and open our minds, we could learn so much more from these scriptures than just the History of our planet. M glad God has given us this scientific insight.. may we make good use of this!

    56. Hi again, Vineet sir, this time i just want to ask you from where do you get all these animated pictures appearing on your blog,i mean they all are just marvellous,at times i just right click and save many of them.And btw are u on FB??

    57. Great job My friend .....
      God bless u

    58. Thanx a lot @Luckystar.. May God bless us All :)

    59. @Abhinav thanx buddy i have been collecting images over the years and a lot of them are available on the net as well. You can stay in touch thru my e-mail id :)

    60. Hi Vineet! I really appreciate your efforts and Hard work... However, I would like to mention few points..

      A. Residents of Lower lokas (worlds) don't have ZERO spiritual inclination. They definitely have spiritual inclination.... However this spiritual inclination is low... They believe in deities and worship them but usually desire profits in return of their devotion. Except few exceptions... e.g. Prahlad, Bali

      B. Some of the Lokas described above, especially the lower ones, are a part of planet earth only. While a few might be closer to Earth core... Points like Bermuda Triangle are possible gateways to these colonies (Lok)& that's why human intervention at such locations leads towards mysterious stories.

    61. @Lost somewhere.. appreciate ur inputs.. especially like the point abt Lord Shiva :) thanx

    62. Namaste,

      Thank you for the amazing work you have done on ALL your blogs here. The immense research and time and effort and putting it all together in a form that is easy to understand is much appreciated.

      It is a must read for all who have difficulty in understanding Hinduism. Its a great source for children getting to grips with many aspects of Hinduism and I thank you for your mammoth work.

      The many pictures and graphs and links that go with each blog is wonderfully put together.

      I shall spread this blog so that as many people as I can so they can have the benefit of your tremendous work.

      Mr Kiran Parmar

    63. Oh man!
      @Kiran u hv been really really kind with your words but plz Don't thank me the pleasure is all mine! Kids today don't know anything abt their heritage and this is an effort on my part to bring it across to them in a scientific way... m so glad people r liking it n I thank you for sharing the link on the yahoo group as well!!
      May God help us in this endeavor :)

      1. Back in year 2001 onwards the interest to know about their heritage and religion from Hindus across the Internet arose. It wasn’t till 2006 that I decided to create a Yahoo forum to try and attempt to bring forward all those information into one place.
        In 2009 I made an attempt to post something together quickly. I was taking extracts from various sources like you are put them in some logical order so that people would understand. So when I came across your website and saw the research you have put into it and have presented in the format I only dreamt of; you made me very happy and very proud.
        I hope you will keep going and continue to build a volume for future generations to come. You are the modern Ved Vyas and I wish you all the best. Dont ever stop please.
        I want to start my project again but its a mammoth task to explain all those terminology in a lucid format and in some chronological order and to try and make some sense of all those confusing and varied stories and books of the Vedas and Upanishads.
        I hope you will do it, if you have time and I truly wish you all the best.
        This is the link to my humble attempts.
        1] HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN?
        2] SANATAN DHARMA :- Shastras
        3] THE SANATAN DHARMA :- HINDUISM :- Introduction Part 1
        4] THE SANATAN DHARMA :- HINDUISM :- Introduction Part 2
        5] THE SANATAN DHARMA :- HINDUISM :- Introduction Part 3

        Mr Kiran Parmar

    64. @Kiran i know what you mean! Consciously or unconsciously I have been doing the same thing dor almost a decade now.. but as you say it is sometimes difficult to make sense of the differeing descriptions from different texts and in my posts I have tried to find the mathematical HCF (Highest Common Factor) and present it for those who do not have the inclination or time to go through the heavy scriptures. I would be more than happy to go through your links and maybe we can discuss more about these topics on chat or e-mail.

    65. And BTW please dont caompare me with the mighty Ved-Vyas Himself!!! I am nowhere near that level neither in my spiritual quotient nor the intellectual one :P All I am trying to do is simplifying the complicated texts for people like me and I hope God and technology helps me in spreading this ancient knowledge to as many people as possible!

      1. Re:- ‘Ved Vyas’
        I think anyone who can compile information from various Hindu sources without being biased or afraid to take on the differing and new views is indeed in principle a ‘Ved Vyas’ in thought.

        Ved Vyas was a complier of information that had been written by many years before him. He did exactly what we are doing today --to lay it out in a format that the minds of today can understand.

        Off course we may never come close to his intellect, but I was appreciating the value of your work done in that same manner.

        My work
        With own knowledge lacking in the in-depth meanings and terminology of the Vedas etc I felt I wasn’t doing a good job and stopped back in 2009.

        I have started again because the information is almost all written for us today on so many websites. For example

        I thus felt confident to try my luck again and attempt to compile it once more. I am trying to do it for my son in a hopefully simple language so that he can understand.
        If I do complete it; I will certainly email you and let you know. But you carry on the work the way you have been because it is a wonderful job.

        Thank you very much indeed for your offer and interest.

    66. Thanx again @Kiran and i'll contact u on e-mail for more interaction :)

    67. incredible..u have covered a major portion. Its good to find like-minded people who understand concepts and are interested to know about the origin of their religion. You have put it across in the most readable form. Its has become a necessity today for every Hindu especially today's youth (& the younger generations to come) to know correctly about their religion, the science behind the religion and culture. This will not only strengthen their roots but also protect them against the wrong doings of other religions namely conversion, misguidance, purposeful misinterpretation etc. etc. You are doing a great work. Keep it up

    68. Thanx a lot Mrinalini :)
      That's what my intention is.. hope people take it in d right spirit and learn from it.. m doing my bit.. plz spread the knowledge wherever n whenever u can as well :)

    69. nice one vineet. Infact I have been researching on the from quite some time, it started when I read Yoga vasisth couple of years back. A scientific connotation of moving to spiritually advanced planets is in the basic material of universe , our atom theory. if we take electrons as spirits ,nucleus as materialistic world, and each ring as these lokas, the more we are close to nucleus , the more energy we need and finally to get out of the rings (which is Moksha.

      1. Thanx a lot @nikhil :) thats a really interesting way of loking at the atomic theory!

    70. It is really good light of the base of spirituality. It is really beyond science. It is beyond imagination. I like this subject what you wrote. In fact i am more inclined to spirituality. In my youth i used to be a materialistic man. In due course time I have myself realized that i(ATMA) am true. Spirituality is endless in my view.

      1. Very true @sadanand :) its true spirituality is more important than religion and materialism both and if u add science to it it becomes even more attractive for a person like me..

    71. Try reading I, Rama age of Seers ( , evolution and space theories in the Rama's theory. Exciting read, you'll like it!

    72. Love it. Thank you for this amazing post.

    73. Interesting theory. I was kind of looking for something similar coz I also feel (moreso after watching a history channel documentary about lost city of dwarka ) that what our ancestors described as gods and flying chariots were actually supreme beings from another planet with special powers and possibly taking part in what goes around in our world.

      But just correct 1 thing , Saraswati is not Brahma's consort. It cost Brahma one head to look at her in less than decent way. Look it up. He was more like a father

      1. Thanx johnnie... btw Saraswati is indeed Brahma's consort.. the father thing is just a simile blown out-of-proportion.. Brahma being the creator is the father (figuratively) of ALL living beings! That ways he wud never be able to find a companion.. He is surely entitled to have a consort without being labeled an incestuous old man!!

      2. This answers i searched for long time. The aspersion was that Brahma ran behind His own daughter. Osho spoke against Triniy as Brahma as lustful, Vishnu as shrewd and Shiva as full of anger.

      3. I love some of Osho's lectures but I believe any man who attributes such human values to God has failed to realize the True Leelas behind these episodes

    74. It nice to find out that someone out there has an keen interest in mythology and proving that its not a myth. The page is informational and impressive with justice to logic and reasoning.

      I myself is a man of science but was actually troubled by the questions put by my mind on religious facts, from childhood we are brought up by the faith that god is there and stories that inspire and prove that there is well organised system out there. Many times i searched, asked, researched, analysed in my own ways to find out some answers but one logic fails the other and the confusion remains the same. Your post has life in itself proving that you might have many answers, logic, reasoning which may unlock many facts of hindu religion.

      Anybody who provides knowledge belongs to the class of gurus (teachers) therefore i can consider you as one. There is a saying that a question is the first step to unlock its answer.

      In this reply i will first discuss what i know and believe through various sources and research and then questions. ---as follows---

      I am in this dilemma from quite a few years that the concept of god is true or false. From many feelings experienced by myself over the years i have strongly felt that god exists, but it was unpleasant to find that Hinduism is not simple and straight and on to it, these day we do posses the original preaching and holy text that may give us the right and accurate directions. One thing is contradicted by other and misunderstood often.

      I have found that we do not posses any original holy texts and scrolls and ones we posses are dated 500 - 800 B.C (adi- shankaracharya) based on the (Sanskrit)writing skill and way. This was found by a team of sanskrit proff. university of oxford and others link:

      Also a concept of godliness came forward given by Osho, in this concept Osho says "there is no god but godliness" he also says that "even Jesus Christ waited for someone(supernatural) to intervene at the time of crusification but no one came" according to some gospel (scrolls). He gives a logic that when god can exist without any creator or in other words he can exist himself without any external help why cant we.

      continued on reply 2

    75. Reply 2 :

      Now the supreme questions that arose are:

      1. can hindu texts present now can be believed as they are altered, edited many times previously.

      2. Each puraan claims its own creator for ex: Lord Shiva existed first and he is central authority. In vishnu puraan Lord Vishnu is the supreme being and in many Bhrama (param-bhramh) is given supremacy. Agni puraan claims agni to be supreme and like wise. So what actually happened at the beginning of our universe.

      (At this stage i accept the concept of multiverse and each universe have their own shiva, vishnu and bhrama " it is mentined in vishnu puraan that bhrama was confused on how to create the world, on this Lord vishnu called bramhas from other universe{which were even bigger than us} for an audience with our bhrama for inspiration)

      3. Was the only land in whole Jambu dweep was India and neibouring countries, as we nowhere else in world find traces of hindu mythology and even other places are not mentioned in any text. for ex: Ramayana starts from awadh (now in Uttar pradesh) to sri lanka and hanuman was from kishkindha (now in karnataka forest region).

      even mahabharata have traces of north india only.

      4. why mythological creatures as yaksha, gandharva, rakshasha disappear from the earth, talking animals no more exist. No magic works and so on, if they belong to other world why not visit us now a days.

      5. Many instances of a different story of the same event in different texts confuse the whole concept.

      6. What i actually found that the only thing which a person is born to do is penance and moksha, so why do other things.

      7. If sins are paid off in hell then earth should be painless(regarding the logic that soul was fresh after its time in hell and born again with equal opportunities)

      8. What pleasure does god get in taking our test, and arranging all this which seems like complex game. calling us back through moksha and then releasing again.

      9.The most top priority question is : Why we should praise the lord when we have not seen him doing anything (only heard un authenticated stories)

      is it only to seek his help and enjoy life, and has he made us to pray him, then we are no better than slaves.

      I myself is faithful believer of Hinduism but when questioned by a non believer, we do not have something concrete and logical. thousands of demi-gods and three supreme ...whom to pray

      If it is beyond our logic then also it should have something that we can firmly say and believe.

      If you can please put a light on my questions then i may be pleased as i think that gyan can be brought to you by any means which we may think regardless but may be the ultimate answer, and i also believe that discussion improves knowledge.

      Thanking you in advance for sparing time for this.

      -Vikas Saraswat

      1. Woah!!!! Thats a loooooong list of questions and its gonna take me a while to answer all of them but I shall try my best to find what ur lukin for..

        Fist of all, the Puranans do differ in their approach but Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti (NOT Brahma)are their objects of devotion.. The difference in approach is becuase of different levels of consciousness or the GUNAS that a person is in.. for example, those in the mode of passion are morw inclined towards Goddes SHAKTI while those who are more Satvik in countenance gravitate towards Lord VISHNU.. Its just to attract people with different modes towards God

    76. Secondly, God doesnt send us here as His slaves to be punished.. it is the individual soul who wants to enjoy on its own and that is why, God like an indulgent Father creates a separate Material Realm for us.. we live and die here till we exhaust our desires and are willing to go back to our Original Home and live with our Father again..

      The circle of Life is bound by the Law of Karma and hence most of us are repaid for our deeds right here in the succeeding births.. its the most sinful ones that go on to the Hellish planets for purgatory..

    77. For more clarity on Jambudweep and other continents, please read the posts titled 'Jambudweep or Pangea' and 'Heaven on North Pole?'

      1. The yakshas, gandharvas, rakshashas haven't really disappeared but we have lost the ability to interact with them since they exist on a different plane.. just as we can not understand animals anymore and have ourselves started behaving like Rakshas with them..

        The Many instances of a different story of the same event in different texts does indeed confuse the whole concept but it is bound to happen over the course of millenia! With the changes in society some things become acceptable others not so much and hence newer versions appear..

      2. As I understand, the sins are paid off in hell only when you have achieved the human form at the end of the 84 lakh births you have taken.. at all other times, the soul is immediately transferred to a new body as soon as it leaves the previous one..

        And the last but the most important answer - God doesnt want us to praise Him alone.. we can associate with Him in six different ways: as a friend/lover/sibling/parent/child or even an enemy (like Ravan and Kamsa).. what He wants is to see us back where we belong but we have to develop the realization that we do not belong here and have to go back to His abode only then we can get rid of the Cycle of orth and Death..

      3. Recently i came to know about an organization led by Dr. Jayant Athavle. He is doctor, was atheist, but changed in later years and established SSRF.
        Their research mainly on extra sensory perception. They show in numerous way presence of angels, demon, ghost, different inhabitants of inferior world. So, everything could be possible.

      4. Thanx a lot for sharing this.. will check it out :)

    78. Hari Om

      Thank you for good Information

    79. just a very short explaination to describe this all completely...

      but i will!! nice initiative by writer...i will take this oppurtunity to prove this in my next project... it would be of gr8 help to me..thanx

      1. Thanx a lot @yogesh i hope more people can work on these basic principles and create a model of the Universe as per the ancient scriptures.

    80. @a man on mission....mai apko ek important link deta hun.... jisse aap apni baato ko scientifcally proof kar paenge ...
      bhai ji yahan jo properties ZPEM ki batai hain...wo hi prop. atma ki vedon me batai gai hai
      zpem- zero point energy module hai

      aur jo 5-D hyper universe or chill universe hai...wo theek vaisa hi hai jaise shree vishnu ka kcheer sagar
      ya garbodhak vishnu se sambandhit sagar hai... ye conceptually analogous hai.... agar aap deep research karo to aapko exact matches bhi mil jaenge....

    81. Thanx @yogesh will definitely check it out :)

    82. do we have a reason for living this life?

      1. The reason my friend is a big one.. and it is to put all our efforts into getting out of this cycle of birth and death and attain Nirvana

      2. I like what Swami Vivekananda gave as motto - 'Atmano Mokshartha Jagad Hityaa Cha'. Getting out is as important as showing the way of numerous wallowing soul, even coming back to this hell again and again just to help a single soul to attain liberation.

    83. Wonderful Blog.. Excellent Information.. Thanks..

    84. excellent :) Good work bro

    85. When you depict a series of action that takes place at great speed, how will you freeze the frames? May be that is why our Hindu Gods and Godesses are depicted with several hands. Just my thought.

    86. Hi!!

      Accidentally came across this blog, while I was searching for an image for Sri Sheshnag, our Kuldev.

      This is just amazing...yes certainly we need to understand our mythology and i have been a firm believer that the verses of our scriptures shouldn't be interpreted literally, one has to read between the lines...

      just one question, you have talked about Vishnu & Brahma, I couldn't find a mention of Shiva the master of this planet - Mrityulok - Earth. Or may be I have missed him somewhere, am watching these a days the Devon ke Dev's a beautiful effort.

      And this is how I understand it some how:

      Shiva was probably the leader of the inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula, while it transmigrated due to the continental drift and when it collided with the Asian Plate - The Himalayas were born and Shiva along with his Ganas and Nandi established their control over the Tibetan Plateau and the Mighty Himalayas besides the Peninsula..Bhagirath sought permission from the Shiva to loosen the controls over the Himalayan resources and release waters for the Bharatvarsh..thus giving birth to the Holy Ganga and it's tributaries.

      Shiva's first marriage with Sati could be seen as an association of races of the Asian Plate (Sati's race-Aryans) and Shiva the head of the Peninsular races, her marriage was a disapproval by her father Daksha and later continuously insulting and disapproving his son-in Law Shiva could be seen as an act of superiority complex over the Peninsulars.

      Sati's self immolation could be rendered as a case of inter racial Honour Killing.

      There's a lot more to be interpreted...Jai Bajrangbali

      1. You have a very plausible and interesting viewpoint there :) although science says that India crashed into Asia about 50 million years ago and there were no Human beings around on the planet at that time.. also, Shrimad Bhagavatam describes the abode of Mahadev outside this Universe in the Lok-Aloka Space at the external border of the bubble.. Lord Shiva must have made Kailash His home only after the Himalayas came up..

    87. Fabulous research.I have read that Kailash man sarovar is the Ksheerasagar where Lord Vishnu reclines on the 1000 headed serpent
      with Devi Lakshmi.What do you have to say about that?

      1. Thanx for the appreciation :) as per the scriptures, the Ksheer-sagar is not on this planet but on a planet called Shvet-dvipa in the planetary system of the Dhruv-loka.. hope that helps :)

    88. hey man, i absolutely loved this you litterally painted a picture in my head the whole time, because sadly enough reading that was actually the first time ive really looked into this . I mean it is ALOT to wrap your head around if you taking it all in for the first time :p . but i love it . because sadly to say ive been confused most of my life on my beliefs . Not to long ago though i really got into ancient egyptian gods n godesses . I had a opifany one night when i had a dream about " The Eye Of Raw " and i truly believe in other life on other planets .

    89. And other universes . My family though is almost shunning me in a sense because they feel im portraying blasphomy becuase its wrong for me to believe in multiple gods . They raised me christian but I just genuinly feel in my heart that im not wrong by believing in multiple gods/aliens right ?. =/ . btw while i was reading this it was difficult to get past some of the language barrier with names and stuff but i still felt very connected with it, because i really loved how much depth it went into with all the different worlds . please if you could write back and advise what to do because I dont want to be sinning in any way but my family feels like I am by doing this, thank you so much, your article made me open my eyes that much more, would love your advice kind sir . __ ACE__ (:

      1. Dear ACE, its ok to believe in what ur heart tells u.. dont fight with ur family coz they dont believe in what you do, perhaps they are right in their own way but make them understand that ur path to reach God may be different than theirs.. always do what feels right in ur heart and there wont be any conflicts left in ur mind..

    90. I accidentally came upon this blog and you are doing amazing work. I have read translations of the Sri Bhagavata
      but you have linked it with science magnificently. Keep up the good work .

      1. thanx a lot for the kind words.. the mistakes are all mine and the corrections all guided by the Lord :)

    91. It is indeed a fascinating subject since we know so little of our ancient history beyond a few millennia. In fact I recently found a very interesting book on amazon kindle ebooks - named "The Guardians of Karma". The book does present a radical theme of Indian mythology...

    92. @man on mission,,,, is there any possibility of high energy solar flare, or exposure of earth high energy radiations from outer space or from kailash on the dates 12 dec to 21st dec. 2012........

      also ther are many possibilities of UFO(ancient hindu) landing during this period......

      or recurrence of some heroic personality like subhash chandra bose....

      as u are indulged in research regarding myths,,,, hope... u r in gud position to answer this.... :)

      1. Well there are many possibilities @Yogesh but I guess we dont need to wait too long to find out if any of these will actually take place :)

    93. Loved your Post.....Interesting

    94. I had faith on God for so many years and later gradually because of my appetite on technology I started neglecting God and beliefs. Bud all of sudden I started thinking about this universe and looking into the sky many times. I started searching related to universe, big bang, time, space, aliens, planes etc…. The hidden spirituality in me came out, started thinking about Who I am , What is this all, trying to know from the Vedic science perspective , came to know so many things.
      There is a power, which we cannot explain or explore; it is unconceivable, unimaginable, no words or no mind to say about it as a human being. We can compare only with our limited knowledge like planets, mars, moon etc… God – Power – Cosmos – Yogam (Meditation). Your blog is wonderful you are spending this little live for others like us great work.You will stay with God for ever. Thanks a lot dude.

      1. I had a similar revelation some years back bro and thats when I set upon this path of discovery.. and my faith has only got stronger with all the science that I have unrevelled in the scriptures.. Thank you for visiting and taking out the time to write.. May the Force be with us :)

    95. Thank you so much for this article. It has been a huge pleasure to read. Minati.

      1. The pleasure's all mine :) thanx for ur kind words..

    96. Hey man ,I am a teenager and have started to read about my culture and mythology recently, Initial reading revealed several coincidences between hindu mythology and modern science,i was amazed.
      I love This stuff specially with creation and cosmology.
      After reading your work,my mind has blown completely,
      you are on a great mission,proud to read you.

      1. M glad u think so :)
        I got hooked to mythology as a kid but it wasnt much later till I fell in love with science that I started focusing on the common connection.. by sharing my thoughts on this blog I hope I can encourage more people like us to set off on their own journey of exploration and spread the word all over the world :)

      2. I came to know about concept of BRAHMAN,its said to b ethe primary source of creation and creation of Hiranyagarbha and ultimately brahma,
        Is Brahman and Shri Karanodak-shayi Maha Vishnu same?

      3. Not exactly.. Brahman is another name for the Supreme Lord who is above everything, even the Holy Trinity.. Shrimad Bhagavatam declares Brahm-jyoti as the Divine effulgence of Shri Krishna who lives in the spiritual abode of Golok-Vrindavan.. it is the light that impersonalists perceive in the Nirguna mode of God..

    97. Well,this idea has crossed my mind since a long time and I can's stop thinking the same,i.e."All Gods we worship today,may it be any religion,any culture they say the same thing about creation and destruction cycles etc.".
      Being an engineer as well as a Lecturer,i always try to find the missing connection between the Ancient Mythologies and Cosmologies and their possible Connection to Science, and this is what I always end up with, it must be.
      Your Post is really an enlightening one.Thank you for such a work.

    98. I see you on the lines of Eric V Daniken here ..good carry on......

      1. I have never read him but thanx for what am assuming is a compliment :)

    99. Namaste, You wrote. "bila swarga" got every pleasures just like "swarga loka" even though bila swarga is situated on lower planes of this system, I am just confused, how can a loka situated on lower planes than our bhuloka can be so prosperous where people there bath with elixirs which free them from any anxiety or physical disease, as well as any signs of physical aging? I am curious whether people residing in lower planes are still more gratified than people of mrityuloka having access to amruta? Please guide.

      By the way, you are the messenger of God in true sense. Please keep it up. God bless you. Nice post with great pictures. You are guide to all Mumukshus...Thanks a lot!

      1. Well thanx a lot for ur kind words.. I myself am a Mumukshu so I am happy if others benefit from what I do :)

        Answering your query, as I mentioned above in the post, the LOWER location of these planets is NOT a reference to their material opulence but to their geographical location.. compared to us, they are spatially on a lower level but materially much more advanced than us.. They have all possible riches available to them even more so than the Swargalok! That is possibly one of the reasons they are not too spiritually inclined as we all see from experience that the more a person has, more vices he develops and the lust for obtaining more and more never stops..

    100. It was a pleasure reading your blog. First let me introduce myself. My name is Mr. Abhijit Naskar. I'm an Inventor from India. I bumped into your blog while doing some research work on the internet. I came to know that you are fascinated with the science hidden in world mythology. In this context I should tell you, that I believe many of the facts that are mythology to the world, are actually such truth that can be a great benefit to science and civilization. Your knowledge about those things are very appreciative. I am a scientist myself so I see those things in the most scientific way possible. That's why your concern about the treasure of mythology can be beneficial to the world, if put to practice.

      Take Care

      1. Thanx a lot Mr. Abhijit.. its great to find that there exist like-minded people out there who are following the same path :)

    101. Another compliment for you. I was wanting to read something like that for ages! I'm a Sai Baba bhaktha from UK and last year discovered Vasantha Sai at the Mukthi Nilayam ashram in Tamil Nadu. She seems to be Mahalakshmi incarnate and I have had a few dreams involving Her. In the last one she appeared as a short, stocky-frame, very powerful ET of sorts. I've also seen Sai Baba (physically) look a bit like this. I even had a dream where Baba carried me in His arms (I was a baby) to Arcturus. So this kind of blog is a really great find for me. I've had a very strong feeling for a decade that I've got something to do with the 'Arcturian mission' but am so wary of 'new age' channelled material that I stopped delving further around 2000. with the blue skin of Krsna and my personal experiences, I'm sure there's a whole lot more to discover...Jai Sai Ram

      1. I agree.. there's a lot to be discovered still and our science has only taken baby steps till now towards finding the true mysteries of the Universe..

    102. Just to let you know I condensed this info in your post and included it in the second half of my blog post 'Lokas'.

    103. According to the Vedas the Danavas built a colony on Earth called Tripura. The Danavas were originally good and wise but in later times they became corrupt and Shiva launched a weapon at tripura sending in beneath the waves. Some of these danavas escaped for example Maya Danava. Maya danava is honored for teaching temple architecture in South India (Pyramid shaped architecture)along with metalwork. The Danavas are said to have originated on a different planetary Loka, my question would be are these danavas responsible for teaching pyrimid building around the world and where in physical space is this Loka they came from?


      1. Danavs or Giants are the sons of Danu, one of the wives of Rishi Kashyap.. the Daityas, Danavs, and all assorted Asurs are supposed to live on the different Bila-Swarga lokas. There are some myths in Irish mythology that talks of Giants too and their mother Danu according to which, they lived somewhere close to the North Pole

    104. But i don't understand why god created the universe. i have always thought about this question but never got the answer. plz answer me

      advait p.u

      1. Dear Advait, please read the post 'A for Astronomy' for the answer to this :)

    105. Hi,

      We read Lord Srinivasa's Wedding in Katha Form. There we will see Koravanjiveshadhari Vishnu explaining his mother in law to be, of these lokas. Though read few times..could not connect the link. Now by reading these 14 lokas, have got some concept in my mind. Thanks for the write up. Good one.


      1. Thanx a lot Sandhya :) Thats the whole purpose of writing this blog.. to make things more easy to understand!

    106. Thank you very much for your absolutely stunning and beautiful accounts of Hindu mythology. You present excellent evidence for this historical period. I have always been fascinated with ancient Indian history i.e. the ramayan, mahabarta, vimanas and devlokas. It sounds very much that ancient aliens were in India in the remote past. Guru Nanak, first Sikh Guru has cleary explained in the JapJi Sahib that the universe is infinite i.e multiple universes with infinite life forms. Guru Nanak recited this text of the JapJi Sahib in Bagdad and was challenged by a Muslim priest to provide evidence of alien life as he said that there is Lakhs of planets with life forms. Guru Ji said that science would prove this in the future and that his role was to unite all humanity. But the priest insisted and asked him to prove the existence of life on other planets to his son, as he was too old to travel. the guru did not want to perform miracles but chose to travel in an astral way to the planets with the priest's son. The son was absolutely baffled and amazed at the infinite life forms on these planets. On one particular planet they observed human beings praying in a large congragation and offered them sweet parshad in a bowel made of sugar, flour and water. the priest's son took this back to the earth to prove to his father that life did indeed exist on many planets.This sweet parshad recipe is used in all Sikh temples now and it came from an extraterrestial source when the Guru travelled with the Priest's son. THis is clearly described in Guru Nanak's autobiography by Bhai Gurdas. I am sure that India was visited by aliens in the past as the accounts of Gods and Goddesses sound like an intelligent race of human beings - who the ancients interpreted as Gods. The Vimana technology is so similar to accounts of UFOS that we see in the skies at present. I also love your spirituality of life. GOd bless you. Deepa Kaur

      1. Thanx a lot Deepa for sharing this beautiful account of Gurudev..I am a big fan of Guru Nanakdev's teachings and love reading the Guru Granth Sahib whenever I can.. there is so much that our Gurus and rishis deciphered about the Universe through their mystical Sidhis that we today can only hope to see through scientific advances.. I hope our generations to come wake up to this spiritual science as well and take advantage of the beautiful texts our ancients have left to guide us.. Bole so Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!

      2. I am very interested in the concept of karma in eastern religions - do we get a difficult and challenging life due to our karmic debts from our past lives? If so how can we change our present life? I particularly liked what you said about karma - that we have to pay our debts on this earth life while we do wrong to others. But how is it that people that do so much bad and hurt people's feelings and get the best in life? I know you have a very philospical attitude to life and I wish to be enlightened with your thoughts. thanks deepa kaur

      3. Well Deepa I myself am a traveler on this path hence enlightening anyone is completely beyond me! Still I would try to share what I believe and you can share your thoughts on the same -

        The question is a valid one coz it is very common to observe that the rich and the mighty of this world are generally more corrupt and cruel too yet they get to enjoy more and more wealth while hard working and pious people get left behind.. as you mentioned, most of the times this is because of the good/bad Karma we have accumulated in earlier lives.. if one has been pure and pious, he gets an opportunity in the next birth to be born in a family where he can concentrate MORE on spiritual growth and not bother about monetary and day-today issues. Once this person is born in an affluent family or on a higher planet, he is in a perfect position to walk on the spiritual path and it is now the Karma in THIS life that would determine where he reaches.

        Similarly, those who suffer presently do so coz of their BAD Karma in the previous births.. but if they mend their ways now, and turn towards spirituality and goodness, they can even reach Nirvana within this lifetime!

      4. It is quite often seen that adversity brings us closer to God while affluence takes us away from Him. So even though you may see bad people getting all the opulence in this world, rest assured, they are headed towards a much worse fate if they forget why God has been so kind to them!

        In the same manner, even if someone is suffering a lot presently, he should realize that the sins of his previous lives are getting washed away and he is getting a clean slate again to start afresh.. That is how I deal with my own troubles and this is what I firmly believe in based on my reading of the scriptures.. Hope i was able to help you get an answer in my own small way..

      5. Thank you so much for your kind words. This is all very fascinating and interesting. it is vital that we have this knowledge in the world otherwise we die and leave the world accumulating even more karma and debts and remain in an endless cycle of births and deaths. Alas only few have this knowledge. thank you so much for enlighting us - may God give you a happy and glorius life free from pain and anguish. regards deepa kaur

    107. namaskaram !!really great work... I have had always curiosity in god things.. I wanna share one of my incidents. When i was young I asked my father who is God and where he is..He answered with out a break "I'm God "..I'm God to you"... I was shocked...and I'm shocked not because of my father's quick's beacuse he said with so first I thought he was joking...I said "No you aren't a are my father.." He replied.. YES I'M GOD TO YOU..I GAVE YOU BIRTH I GAVE YOU EDUCATION I GAVE YOU FREEDOM I GAVE YOU NUTRIOUS FOOD... AND I'M GOD ONLY TO YOU ...AND I'M NOT GOD TO YOUR MOM..AND NOT TO EVERYONE... I SOMETIMES FAILED TO BE A GOOD HUSBAND ..FAILED TO BE A GOOD FRIEND.. FAILED TO BE GOOD MAN IN THE SOCIETY..BUT I NEVER FAILED TO BE A GOOD FATHER...THE ONE WHOE DOES GOOD IS GOD !! GOD IS IN EVERYONE... YOU FAIL TO REALISE THAT !! AHAM BRAMAHASMI !!

      1. Yes we are all tiny Gods in our own right but that doesn't diminish the importance of the Supreme God Himself :)

    108. If I told you to draw two aeroplanes in two separate aeroplane should be depicted as flying very slow..and other aeroplane should be potrait as flying very do you convey it in your paper??

      1. I know where you are going with this argument :) if you try to capture motion on paper it will be difficult to show it by drawing just one aeroplane similarly if you have to show a person's hands in movement you end up showing multiple hands.. but that still does not mean that multiple limbs can not exist!

    109. Great Work Vineet....!!
      you linked our modern science to our mythology or I must say our vedic science (as these are not myths) in a very subtle manner.
      Few days ago I came across the concept of "Worm Hole" a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, a "shortcut" through spacetime. it could be a possible resolution to the paradoxes resulting from wormhole-enabled time travel rests on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. I might be a hypothetical feature for us for now but now I believe I could relate it as probable science known to our Ancestors or Aliens who use this to travel through multi universe.
      I love to establish relation between our Vedic science and our modern findings and discoveries as I strongly believe that there is great knowledge hidden in our Vedas.
      Great efforts thumbs up....!!!!

    110. Two Request :
      Please publish a separate tab which gives name of books, paper you are reading.

      How to inspire kids with this knowledge so that before attaining teenage they becomes devotee of God. Please illuminate.

      1. Okay will do that as soon as I get time.. as far as kids are concerned, I believe the role that parents or grandparents play in bringing them up has paramount importance.. if the parents themselves dont follow any religious principles the kids may not understand their significance.. besides, from my own childhood, i think comics such as Amar Chitra Katha and now the animation movies such as Hanuman and 'The Legend of Prince Rama' can really help children get interested in the religion.

    111. Our indian astronomy is much more advanced than the present one.. But no one is recognising it.

      1. True... and no one will recognize till more and more people are made aware of this hence my attempts at sharing this info through the blog :)

    112. Greetings,

      I read years back a book called "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erick Von Däniken. Since then I too is drawn towards the "Ancient Astronaut Theory".

      There was a program in History channel "Ancient Aliens" aired recently.

      I'm glad that an Indian is putting his theories in these lines keeping in mind the Indian Mythology as the center of the research.

      Congratulations!!! I believe your endeavor will lead to new findings and evidence to give a firm footing to these theories.

      Additionally, I request your views if Mount Kailash where Shiva is believed to meditate is actually is a Power station build by the aliens which again is in the shape of a pyramid?



      1. Thanx Kabir.. well yeah my effort is to rediscover the knowledge that was shared by our ancestors and that we seem to have forgotten or lost track of.. abt Kailash yes I have heard the theory that it is probably man made coz of its perfect symmetry but don't know how far it could be true..

    113. Bineet Aggarwal-Ji,

      Nice works though the questions remains why Gods/Demi-gods/Dannavas/Sagas etc. are not Chinese, Japanese looking only Indo-Aryan looking ? Hope to hear your view. Thanks

      1. Well first let me correct you on the spelling of my name its Vineet :) secondly I know what you mean.. if you see the gods in Nordic or celtic mythology they are all blonde and blue-eyed, the far-eastern gods re mongoloid, African gods are of course negroid and the alatin american gods have the features common to that land so I believe it is just the interpretation of God in a particular way by a particular race that is different but not God Himself..

    114. I always thought this same thing since I was a kid and learned of aliens / science etc (about 7-8 years old). To this day I hold this belief. (30 now) Except that you have done good research here and for someone like me it is is a great gift to read this in so much detail.

    115. YOu know, I just had a thought...
      Since Bhuloka is an important part of this universe, and there are many such "universes", could these actually mean the galaxies? Because it sounds impossible that in such a widespread and Sahasra-Shirsha-Purusham type universe, Earth and the Solar System would be the central portion...

      1. Dear Surya, Bhuloka actually implies the central plane of the galaxy and not Earth or the Solar System.. however, according to Doppler studies, our Earth DOES seem to be at the center of the known Universe!

    116. you are really amazing....super human.

      1. Hahaha plz dont say that.. I dont think am even utilizing enough of my human brain right now :P

    117. Hi Vineet ,
      Thanks a lot for sharing the info to all of us.
      Secondly u proved that we are part of one consciousness ie ALL IS ONE , ONE IS ALL....Whatever religion we come from our destination is one and we always search for true knowledge so that we can liberate from this Karmic life cycle .I would like to have more conversation if you have facebook account or through email. My email is
      Finally i would like to conclude that " NAAM ANEK SABKA MALIK EK"

      Thanks and Regards.

      1. Hi Harshil :) Thank you for the kind words! Sure you can cntact me on fb thru my page 'India - From Past to Future'

    118. The time scales of yugas is much less in Kriya Yoga order ( refer Kaivalya Darshanam by Yukteshwara Giri)
      As per Kriya Yoga lineage we are in Dwapara Yuga and will be in Treatha Yuga by 2082.


      1. Yes some schools of thought follow a different timeline but the Puraans mention the one that is commonly accepted.

    119. Will it be possible for you to share the source of the picture titled Brahmand and its Lokas? I am quite fascinated by this and have tried to search anything similar but had no luck till date.

      1. Hi Deepak, i had obtained it through some website which is no more functional. This is the only place you can find it m afraid.

    120. Love it!! Thnx for sharing :)

    121. First on first Let me say great research and great way of presenting it ..even kids can understand ... With greater understanding we'll keep reaching higher levels of realization ... but what the point of all this? God as a doting parent let us do all this( ... we hopefully, eventually realize that all this is pointless and attain Nirvana (back to God).. whatever that is ... The question remains whats the point of attaining Nirvana? realizing everything is nothing and that everything comes from this nothing(God) is great ... but why is going back to nothing so important .... while I am not sure how that nothing came to be in first place ....

      on a different note, I am not sure if "Actions" or "Thoughts" by them selves are different from one another .. materialistic VS Spiritual ... Why's materialistic interpreted as bad over spiritualism?

      I am sorry If I am going down the rambling way .. its just a brain dump ...

      just following a kids question chain of .. "and then what?" ...

      1. Thanx so much for writing! As I understand, the point of attaining Nirvana is to get rid of this endless cycle of birth and death and go back to the Godhead. It is NOT going back to nothing or a void.. it is the return of a lost son back to his father's home where he actually belongs.

        Materialistic does not imply actions alone.. it signifies an ATTACHMENT to things that are mundane and temporary and would definitely perish. Spiritual inclinations on the other hand, do not focus on temporary objects but the True Eternal God and thus is considered superior.

    122. Hello Vineetji,

      In the search of truth, unknowingly without any directions, today I just got your link through google images when i was searching unknown things referred through ancient alien from history channel.

      Somewhere I already awared (in back of my mind) broadly about all what you have mentioned, but you have presented the facts with supportive proofs.

      This is great work and religious awareness. I have lot lot of questions? I will continue reading your blog and soon I will finish it.

      Now a days I am reading shiv sahinta. What are you views about it. Can we got extreme end knowledge through yoga?
      Is the lord shiva is the first god in all 3 gods?


      1. Thanx Shailendra :)
        Well according to Shrimad Bhagvatam that I follow, Lord Vishnu is the first in the Holy Trinity, then comes Brahma and then Lord Shiva. Yoga helps in concentrating the mind on breathing and posture and freing it from wordly thoughts.. if you follow the Yogic meditation techniques you can certainly become more aware of your spiritual self though for knowledge I would advise reading the scriptures :)

    123. " Tatwam Asi " 14 lokas are there in each and every element, me and you. as in the bhramhanda, every element is connected to respective lokas.

      If you want to visit any loka, than you search for yourself within you that loka x tatwa, you will definitely explore the respective loka.

      Rupa 'ta' Virat-rupa - krishna gave us this clue

      1. Well that's certainly a novel way of looking at it :)
        Thanx for sharing

    124. well,if we live in material planes or world ,we all are aliens ,originally we belong to spiritual plane,this is mentioned in scriptures and we are part and parcel of krishna ,Bhagavata Geeta tells us


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